Landing Page Feedback February 8, 2020

Is my landing page clear enough?

Farid Movsumov 🇦🇿 @faridmovsumov

What do you think I can improve on my landing page? Is the call to action clear enough?

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    Nice design until pricing table

    The little icons on the pricing table are very small

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      Thanks for the feedback. Will fix it.

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    You do a decent job of conveying the features, but it's lacking in benefits. Why should the reader want to automate their faqs with a chatbot? How is it going to help them or their businesses?
    You might also want to add something in the top portion that differentiate your product from all the other chatbot builders out there.

    Showing the product is usually a good idea, but I don't really know what I'm looking at in this screenshot. I would add more context to it. Maybe callout specific features. You might want to replace it with an image of the consumer-facing bot.That's ultimately what people want when they use solutions like these.

    If you have any social proof, I would add it to the page. Testimonials and client logos are two of the most common.

    Hope that helps.

    Best of luck

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      Thanks for the detailed feedback. I really appreciate it.

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    What are “visual preferences “?

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      It is for changing visual settings of a bot. Maybe I can change text to make it more clear?

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        Just say what it is without trying to make it sound cool.

        Maybe something like “change the look and feel of your chat bot”

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    The site and service is quite clear. But the overall graphical design could be more integral. Now it looks like glued together from different styles.

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      Thanks for the feedback. Not sure how can I fix it.

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        I would recommend "Hello Web Design" book by Tracy Osborn to learn the main concepts of graphical design and how to achieve well looking results:

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    The landing page looks great! The UI is really clean and straightforward. Your description is a bit difficult to read and comes across as a run on sentence (Super simple auto-complete supported chatbot creation tool). Some commas or hyphens between the adjectives there would be helpful I think.

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      Thanks will play with text.

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    Very clear. Great page. Only suggestion; have a native English speaker/editor or writer edit your page for proper grammar .

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      Thanks, @PatriceWilliamsMarks would be really nice if you specify where you noticed the poor grammar.

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        Hi, I won't list every mention, but the first one that really stood out:

        "Why to choose"

        Should be something like:

        Why would you choose
        Why choose

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          Thank you very much, will fix it.

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    This is a really neat product. I wish your demo bots demonstrated answering questions on a real FAQ page though, they seemed pretty random. I liked the design of the page too.

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      Thank you 🙏unfortunately only 1 bot at the moment is a good example for FAQ chatbot. I am trying to increase examples.

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    Hi @faridmovsumov

    Your landing page has a nice & clean UI with a clear call to action.

    I would like to see a 30-sec video with the chatbot in action, maybe a gif would be great.

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      Nice idea I really want to implement some small gif demo to help people understand better.

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    You can add Create Chatbot buttons down center of the pricing boxes, this way when someone scrolls down they'll have some action to take without scroll up.

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