Is my landing page too complicated?


I just launched a new landing page for duply => https://duply.co
I've created several type of landing page before but I wanted to make it simple and easier to understand.
Currently the platform is still in pre-launch but I want to get some feedback if people can understand what my product is or is it too complicated.

Any comments / feedbacks are appreciated!


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    Just two things:

    • The brightness of the background color is making it very difficult for me to read.
    • I'd make the headlines typing a bit faster.

    Good job!

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      Yeah I was considering to change it to white especially on the usecase section.
      Thanks for the insights anyway

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    I'd love to see your product in action alongside the email opt-in.

    The tagline looks cool and the solution is definitely amazing. I'd doubt if you can drive good traffic without scrolling down. Why don't you show your product in the hero section.

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      Thanks, yeah was thinking that at first but decided to move it due to the typing text effect, I'm afraid it'll distract user.
      If I move my product images in hero section, do you think I should get rid of the typing text effect or?

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    The short answer is "No, it's not too complicated for me to understand what it does".

    The long answer is: The images are very good at explaining exactly what the product does, but the text above-the-fold (old 90s term I know) is very bad at it. I'd move an image to the top (and work on a realistic example of the product in use) to spell out what it does. For example, an animated gif of the prices you have on the shoes.

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      Thanks, yeah I was thinking to put it on top but I'm afraid it'll distract users by putting too much things, because I have the typing effect text.
      From your point of you, are you able to understand what's the app is about?

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    I would say the opposite, it's not complicated it's lacking a little bit of use-cases...
    Who are you targetting?
    developers? marketers?

    Is your market a tool that helps people in marketing auto-generate social media / ecommerce banners, and images?
    Then maybe for each use-case have a paragraph using the Z-pattern layout showing the possibilities?

    And what about your footer? Where's the trust?

    • Always look to include Support, About, Contact details, Copyright, Terms of service and Privacy policy links. Good for trust factor (SEO) but also because your client actually cares about you and your company!
    • Don't forget about links to social media accounts
    • It's a good practice to have a call to action just above the footer, if you don't have one above, you can have one in the footer.

    I made a video about this here:

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      Tbh I'm still confused who's my main target customer is.
      From your point of you, are you able to understand what's the app is about?

      Thanks for the insights, subscribed to your youtube

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        yeah I Mean you have a whole section that describes what the use-cases are, sure it's below the fold of the page but at least it's there.
        Maybe use this formula to make it sound that you're targetting somoene specifically and then make a copy of the page for each

        The formula goes something like:

        It's hard for you to do <<Use Case>>, so we created a platform that allows <<TARGET AUDIENCE>> to achieve <<OPTIMAL RESULT>>, so they don't have to do <<CURRENT WAY OF DOING THINGS>> and instead make <<BUSINESS OBJECTIVE>>.

        Example for social media managers:

        It's repetitive and time-consuming for you to do social media posts, so we created a platform that allows social media managers to create beautiful and on brand images, so they don't have to spend hours in photoshop and instead maximize their time interacting and socializing with their followers.

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      I totally agree with you which says a lot considering all my products so far have been failures. Although, I created a few somewhat new products Hoping they will be a success.

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        There is no "failure" it's just small steps towards a big win!

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          Yeah, theirs that. Anyway, saw you have a landing page feedback YouTube channel. I've just submitted a website for you to review. Been trying really hard to make software platforms that convert. Thank you.

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    "generate your multiple images"?

    IDK what this does exactly, maybe cause I don't social platform, something to help me cross post? But just the image adjustment, IDK what is needed

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      When I wrote "generate your multiple images", I was thinking about how user can generate multiple images from one template (eg: quote instagran template, change one line of text for each images and generate)

      But i think it's not really explaining 😅

      Thanks for the insights, really appreciate it!

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