Is my Landing page too plain?

Hi everyone!

Right when i was going to build a landing page for an idea i want to validate, i found @orliesaurus 's post on 5 landing page mistakes indie hackers keep doing . I really recommend reading it. I decided to follow most of the advice on the post.

Let me know what you think the app does based on the landing page and any improvements i can make. https://searchegg.io

Thank you !

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    Thanks for posting, @khalidm3!

    ONE: I don't think it's too plain at all. It's not the best designed landing page in the world but you're much better off having a landing page that clearly explains the product than an overly-designed one that misses the mark.

    So...it's a great place to start!

    TWO: Does SearchEgg run on top of Notion? If so, this isn't clear at all from your copy. It should be part of your main header text!

    • Searchable guides, tutorials and FAQ's for Notion
    • Turn Notion into searchable guides, tutorials and FAQ's

    I just read through other comments here and it's not a Notion app. My bad haha. Definitely needs a bit of improved copy to describe exactly what this is. Maybe I'm just not the target market but it's not clear to me!

    THREE: It's great that you're asking for initial feedback here! This is always helpful to get the thoughts of more experienced marketers.

    But at the end of the day, even the best marketers know that most successful marketing stems from experimentation! That means going through the building, launching, measuring cycle over and over again and creating a good system for doing that.

    That would mean something like...

    1. Launch this landing page and start driving traffic. Make sure you have some sort of analytics tool installed. Google Analytics is free but there are other popular analytics tools for IHers like Fathom Analytics. Don't be a perfectionist; get the landing page solid, then get eyeballs on it!
    2. Use a tool like HotJar to watch anonymous videos of folks using your page, see heat maps, get feedback, etc. There are lots of tools to be able to do this, this is just one I've used before and have had success with.
    3. Make adjustments based on analytics and feedback and continue this cycle to improve the funnel.

    Hope this helps. Keep rocking it! :)

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      That defiantly helped a lot. thanks for the feedback.

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        You're very welcome! You got this :)

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    I think I get what your app does, but it wasn't immediately clear. In fact, my first impression was that you are promoting guides and tutorials rather than a way to create and provide those things. That's pretty easy to solve simply by adding a verb to the headline such as "Add searchable guides..." although you may want to consider other alternatives that speak more to the benefit.

    The page is too heavily focused on features over benefits. People don't care about products. They care about what those products will do for them. Focus on what's in it for the prospect. Start with the problem you're solving, then show how the product solves that problem.

    Most of your copy is too general and vague. Try to be specific and paint a picture in the reader's mind. More more they can imagine experiencing concrete benefits, the more compelling your page will be.

    Higher feature adoption, less support calls and better satisfaction are all good benefits, but they are not convincing on their own. What proof can you offer? By how much will these areas be improved? What does that look like for the prospect?

    Instead of just showing feature with a short description of what it is, tie it to specific use cases and benefits.

    You also need to be more specific with your calls to action. Get started with what exactly? This gives no clue as to what to expect next or how taking that action is going to help them in any way.

    And contacting sales is one of the least enticing offers you can have. Most people actively avoid trying to be sold to. Only the most interested and motivated prospects will move forward and there are too many unanswered questions for most to to reach that level. It also creates the assumption that the product is going to be quite expensive.

    I would think about what the next step is in your sales process and guide people towards that. Do you need sales qualified leads right away or could you start with leads a bit higher up the sales funnel? Perhaps there is an offer that has a more immediate benefit to the user such as a free demo to see how it does what it promises or something along those lines?

    I hope that helps. Best of luck.

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      Thanks for the feedback @SeanKirby! i think i relied too much on the features portion and didn't really explain use cases. Also, good observation with the CTA, i'll reword all the them.

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        You're welcome. Glad you found it helpful.

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    Yep, however that’s not a bad thing.

    But there’s a difference between minimalism, and plain.

    Minimalism is good. Your content and over features of the landing page all showcase minimalism.

    However, it is also quite plain. Try adding some more depth into the page by changing up the background color every once in a while to one of your accents or by changing up the layout of each of the feature sections so it’s not so repetitive.

    Overall, nice job. 👍

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    Content-wise, your page is fine. But:

    • You only have two CTAs. The first one is a bit weak I think, because "get started" is a too generic action to know what we're about to do as we get started. The second one cannot really be considered a CTA ("submit") because you have to fill in information first. I believe you should make your page overall more interactive.
    • The lack of background makes it a bit sad. And with this whiteness, I didn't even realise the logo was a fried egg, I thought it was a yellow pin... and you don't want that.

    Best of luck for what's to come!

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      It wasn't apparent before, but i can see that now, Thanks for the feedback !

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    is it a plugin for notion? i'm not sure, i'm out of my wheelhouse

    "Simplify navigation, using features and finding support information in your app"

    might be better put:
    "Simplify navigation, find support information, and use features in your app".

    not sure though since i don't know what the app does.

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      Hi @thirdhandbill, thanks for the feedback.

      It's not a notion plugin, i just used notion as an example. Searchegg is a search widget that SaaS owners can embed in their site that lets their users search for support information, like "How to do x" and they are either guided step by step with modals or given explanations etc.

      I'll explain that more on the site.

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    You have to explain how SearchEgg is better than its open source and established private company competition. The website's video and text is written as if this were a green field application and you were explaining to people unfamiliar with the concept.

    Check out any website selling CRM for examples of how to sell into a more crowded market.

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      Hi @disrael thanks for the feedback. I'll add some points on reasons to switch.

      Also, from a user perspective, would you like to search for guides, support information, finding buttons etc.?

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        Hi @khalidm3 I would be delighted to use SearchEgg if I better understood what it would do for me over existing technologies.

        You can take a few seconds and sign up for Uclusion and see the on-boarding and documentation problems that might be better solved with your technology.

        Currently I use synthetic data, walk throughs, dismiss text, a guide, hover text, button initiated modals, wizards and interactive support within the application (and I'm probably forgetting some others).

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          That would be great, i'll research uclusion.com and see if it's better than what you are currently using then I'll email you my findings.

          Thanks again, it truly means a lot.

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    Landing page visually looks good. I think you need to focus more on the benefit/value the customer will get by using your product. Here is a suggest change of hero ad copy: https://ibb.co/7zMD8pY


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    As otehrs have pointed out as long as your messaging is clear you're good but I will add my two cents on design. It's not terrible but I think a few small changes can make a huge difference. Right now it just feels there is too much empty room. So for smaller screens this isn't a big issue but you start noticing this on bigger screens.

    I would not switch the hero to a side by side layout. Stick with the mobile layout and just increase the text and main image and it'll look better. In fact I'd increase the image and text size everywhere. Everything looks too small right now. The cta button should definitely be bigger.

    The text and button should be centered for hero. Also try adding some padding/margin to give your features some breathing room.

    For smaller screens give a little padding to the left and right so images don't go all the way up to the edges.

    Hope this helps! Shameless plug but you can also get one of my templates if you want to save yourself time! :)


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    Looks like an embeddable spotlight type thing ??

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      yes, that was what i was going for.

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