Landing Page Feedback October 21, 2019

Is my product clear?

Alistair Tweedie @alistairtweedie

Hey everyone, I'm looking for some feedback on my website.

Is the product clear and is the messaging correct?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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    Hey, looking good, all quite self explanatory. Maybe worth changing hire a designer to post a job, as it better reflects the action your taking?

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      Thanks! I'm on it :) That one seems to be confusing a few folks!

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    I love the look of the website! What did you use to make it?

    I think: "Latest company updates" is a little unclear. I am not sure specifically what the update is about. Is it about people that have found work for those companies? Are those companies adding jobs?

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      Hey thanks, I used Eleventy -

      Good point, I need to make that clearer 👍 It’s companies who’s profiles have had changes made to them most recently. So, if I find out the interview process or design stack for a company I’ll update their profile accordingly

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    IMHO: It is not clear
    Based on the 5sec. - scanning rule, I was not able to find out what you are offering only when i went back and read the small print I have realised you have one offer (Job board) split into two.

    1. "Start designing remotely" --> my first thought was that it's a tool that helps me to create my own designs.
    2. 'Latest company updates" --> You are not "Zapier" but the title suggest this are your updates from your company
    3. "Subscribe for jobs" vs. "Hire a designer" --> You have two actions which do not stand out. The contrast to the rest of the page is not strong enough.
    4. "Advertise" in Main menu? This looks like it does not fit to the rest - is this a 3rd action?
    5. ... hmmm ... Ok now I'm really confused .... after writing the upper points I see that your "companies" section is not a job board but a list of companies that hire remote designers. Based on this new information I have no clear idea what you would like to achieve with this page.

    If i were you I would do the following:

    • Define what is your ideal customer and create the page for him - don't go after the second and third and fourth thing focus on ONE
    • Clarify your offer: Are you a Job board, a Company link board an Advertising Agency?
    • What are my benefits making business with you?
    • What will I lose if I don't use your business?
    • Use higher contrast in the call to Action buttons (example Orange and green) what should someone do after visiting your page for 5sec. - this should be obvious without thinking.
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      Thank you for taking the time out for all this great feedback. Greatly appreciated! :)

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    I like the way you have used the small emojis/icons across your website. Yes, the prop is clear to me. Good job

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    I think something that could be clarified a bit more is the "🤓 101-250" part for each job on the home page. I get that it means the size of the company, but it could be interpreted in other ways, like 101-250 people are applying for this, like this, there's that many roles open (seems impossible but you never know) , etc

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      Totally! Could be confusing. I think I need to signpost this section better as well as label the content within each item better

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    I think it looks great and it's 90% the way there. I encountered a little bit of confusion with having the "subscribe to jobs" button right next to "hire a developer". I had to double check that this site was, in fact, targeted towards the designers looking for jobs and that those looking to hire a developer aren't the main focus. Perhaps split them out a little more clearly.

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      Yeh that's a fair point. Thanks! Gearing both buttons toward the designer audience rather than both designer and company audiences would be better. I think when I get more resources I'll point towards there and subscription

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    what if a designer wanted to make a profile so companies could find them?

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      If there's demand for this in future then absolutely :)

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    I really like this. I lead a recruiting team here in Southern California and we work primarily with high growth startups in the area — I think there's certainly something interesting. Designers tend to be pretty keen on getting into remote (or partially remote) gigs. So, in terms of market opportunity, I think you've got something.

    RE: Landing Page — It's aesthetically pleasing, but there are a couple things I'd probably change including:

    1. The "hire a designer" --> "post a job" section. Seems like this should be a separate or unique page.
    2. Instead of "Add your company" it should say "browse companies" in my opinion. That page section should probably be geared towards the candidate, not companies.
    3. In the navbar, Advertise and Hire a Designer seem kinda redundant to me, unless those are two different cost structures.
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      These are great points! Thank you!

      That's great to know. I've got a few subscribers from CA

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    The only feedback I'd give is that my immediate reaction to a site like this is

    "What kinda quality of designer am I going to get for $99?"

    I personally don't know any designer who would charge as little as that even for something stupid like a flyer. However I would wager people will be on your site expecting web sites and apps to be designed for $99.

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      Thanks. See comments below about the button label changes. Do you think that would help move away from the idea of ‘hiring a designer’ ?

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        Ah yeah ok... defo change back to "post a job" or something more explicit.

        it 100% sounds like you're paying 99$ to hire a designer.

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    Great site! I think the: Subscribe, Companies, and Hire pages are all very clear. The home page took me a second though.

    One suggestion: "The lastest Design Jobs, Articles and Resources for Designers who Design Remotely" could maybe simplified to: Current Jobs, Articles, and Resources for Remote Designers (or something like it).

    Also, I suspect you mean "The latest.." vs "The Lastest ..." ?

    Love the design!

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    The website looks great and it sounds like it's a job board and resource hub for remote designers.

    If you want more unbiased, anonymous feedback, you can list your site for free on Explain My Product ( I just launched it today on Product Hunt.

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    It's nice looking page and it is clear. You might want emphasize why you are better than million of other similar sites (starting with Fiverr).

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      Interesting. What similarities do you think there are between this and Fiver?

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        I don't think @boyanpro means the actual website I think he means the business model. You offer similar services, i.e. they have designers one can hire for gigs as well. Another site is 99designs that does something similar. For we used fiverr in the past. Quality is hit and miss sometimes but since most of the gigs are pretty cheap you it still ends up being pretty good value (even with the misses included.

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          @smythe that was exactly my point. I forgot to mention 99designs which is around over 10 years now.

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          Just replied to @Shawn below on this.

          I've recently changed the 'Hire a Designer' button label from 'Post a job.' I may change this back to 'Post a job' if there's confusion in what you're paying for. You're not paying to 'hire' a designer. You're paying to post your job to a community of designers who are engaged and looking for a job.

          Food for thought.

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            Maybe I haven't had my Weetabix yet but that's the same thing that one does on 99designs... (Your description sounds like semantics). Have you had a look at those sites others have mentioned? If not, I'd suggest you do.

            "You're paying to post your job to a community of designers who are engaged and looking for a job." - this is the elevator pitch for 99designs.

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    Thank you to everyone for your feedback. I've made some changes that I hope help in the first instance. There's some larger changes to come further down the line. Thanks!

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    The product is clear.

    I would take the capitalization out of the sentence "The latest design jobs" etc. You could leave the capitalization at the end of the sentence on "Design Remotely" if you want to make that phrase a thing on the site, but I don't know. Designers are probably aware of the existing freelance marketplaces so it might be overselling it to play that aspect up too much.

    I would go through the whole site and be consistent about ending segments of paragraph text with punctuation. They are about half-and-half at the moment.

    The surreal/comic body horror humorous If that's the way you want to go, I would double down and differentiate your site as the place to go for highly creative / edgy / zany designers. Then you can tell designers in effect "this is where you can get clients who want you to stretch, not play it safe"...and tell clients "this is where you can get some fresh and daring work without paying a high-end design firm". Though this is a far smaller market than what Upwork serves, it's one I don't think has been staked out (to my knowledge).

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      This is great, thanks! It's interesting that you mention Upwork and someone else mentioned Fiver. I've recently changed the 'Hire a Designer' button label from 'Post a job.' I may change this back to 'Post a job' if there's confusion in what you're paying for. You're not 'hiring' a designer. You're paying to post your job to a community of designers who are engaged and looking for a job.

      Food for thought.

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