Is No Code a good business?

I'm seeing a lot of new companies in the no code space and I'm particularly interested in the no-code development agencies ("we do the software for you") and the no-code schools ("we coach you on how to develop your first app").

What would be your thoughts on this? Is someone here developing this type of business and want to share their experience?

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    Not developing this type of business but supporting them with upcoming PROCESIO.com NoCode technology.
    My 2 cents on the topic -> there is an increased need in NoCode Agencies as the NoCode technologies have an increased adoption.

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      That's really cool, I'll check it out. I'm developing this in Latin America, there's a lot of opportunities here.

      Let's stay in touch.

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    There's definitely a need for no-code dev agencies.

    I built PowerImporter.com because no-code dev is harder than it looks. I make it easy for Webflow designers to sync Airtable or manage their CMS content.

    In the past few months, I've spoken with lots of Webflow designers and agencies, and many of them turn down jobs that require too much integrations/automation.

    They want to concentrate on design. You could team up with them and offer the no-code dev part.

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      Hi Marc, thanks for sharing. Actually I've been learning Webflow for the last 8 months and I really love it. I'll check your tool, congrats

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    I think its a good model for businesses without development resources. This means, founders who are not developers. That is the "market" for no-code tools. I have spent years actually building tools that non-developers can use to be productive. In my opinion, no-code has been around for quite some time.

    On the flip side, I don't think actual experienced developers/founders have anything to gain by using no-code solutions (unless we're talking about a basic magazine brochure website/blog). With rapid innovation happening in the cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.), the BEST investment in time and money is in building your skillset so that you can utilize the new tech and build anything.

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      Thanks for your opinion, I didn't realize there were so many opportunities in the cloud, it makes sense.

      What kind of tools you've been developing to help non-coders? Can I check them out?

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        My years spent building tools was during my time as a pro dev with Amazon Corporate (legal), then AWS. Since leaving, I've been busy with other projects.

        However, a few months ago I did build a prototype of a tool to allow anyone with 0 tech skills or Alexa Voice Skill development to build and deploy an Alexa skill on AWS. I was trying to work out some major infrastructure issues (AWS limitations etc.) I need to refine the niche for that product before I make the details public.

        I can share something with you if you're interested. One thing I do know, there is huge opportunity in the space, but the tools are HARD to build.

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          That's great, I can see you are really experienced.

          It would be awesome if you can share your work, I'm interested in the cloud

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    I am a big fan of Nocode and have built 3 projects without code. I can see this space is getting crowded.

    What makes people standout isn’t offering another similar service. But very different. Otherwise you might fall into the competition trap. So many service providers and no demand.

    IMO the learning curve of Nocode is very short, compare to many other knowledge out there. Keen to hear your unique offerings :)

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      Hi Felix, I saw your products on your profile and they look really cool, congrats.

      About no-code, I think the same as you, it will get crowded every year and everyone will create online courses and an agency type business. I was doing some research and a market place for bubble templates could be a good solution for other makers.

      Let's stay in touch.

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    Totally agree with the comments here. No-code is set to get even bigger in 2021.
    At DronaHQ, we're seeing a lot of agencies and consultants even exploring low-code platform to build apps for their clients - US and UK region seem to be more aware but more are starting to pick up. There is definitely demand for low-code among the agencies as more geographies start to catch up with this movement.

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      Cool, thanks for sharing.

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    I feel both the business, i.e development agencies and programming schools are evergreen business.

    You can start anytime and start making the bucks.

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      Yep, I was feeling that too but wasn't sure. As a non techcnical entrepreneur, this could be a good way to start.

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    The Integromat partner network has 400+ certified partners, most of whom are agencies.

    I'd say it's a more than viable line of business!

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      I didn't know about that, I'm check it out. Thanks

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    2021 is the year for No-Code.

    Tools continue to roll out and improve, but now you have the first cohort of On Deck's No-Code fellowship over halfway through with some major waves coming out of there already (including a 10 minute build that was acquited in less than 24 hours!), a slew of new no-code agencies, automations agencies, and product studios coming out, and more courses and schools for no-code than you can count.

    So yes, it's definitely being done and there is TONS of room in this space.

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      Yeah I think there's a lot of room as well, here in Latin America we are just starting off

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    It gets nice from time to time.You can code the automatic thank-you message when the product is sold or you can do it with no-code. I use my energy for better things.

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      Thanks for your thoughts. I guess there's a hotter market for no-code tools rather than services.

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    Checkout @tarareed_ , if you haven't already.

    Courtland also did an Indie Hackers podcast interview with her back in November.

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      Yeah, I've heard about her, didn't know about the podcast. Thanks.

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