Is ProductHunt being gamed? Just had my product launch and received this email


I just had my new product launch (EasyQR https://easyqr.menu/ ) on ProductHunt yesterday and it went pretty well as I was #1 at the beginning, ending up on #4 at the end of the day 🤗.

Later on that day, I got this email from someone named "Nazmul Husain", claiming and offering services to put me on #1, including weekly and monthly.

I was pretty stunned by this and frustrated at the same time. Frustrated at the fact that people get to do shady things even on product launches, after someone has spent a lot of time on building quality stuff, only to know that you will not get #1 without a heavy brand name, audience or paying for this.

Let me know if your opinions, did you experience something like this?

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    Something is definitely off over at Product Hunt.

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      That's interesting, I thought it was only a few accounts here and there that were fake

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    It keeps getting worse, I have done a ton of launches.

    When I launched https://saaspages.xyz/ v1 i got 0 of these back in july 2019

    When i launched v2 of https://versoly.com/ i got at least 10+ emails/live chat requests.

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    i don't know, but very likely, I got smiliar emails when I launched 2 of my projects.

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    It's definitely a scam, I received the exact same email from the same person earlier this morning when my app was featured on ProductHunt https://www.producthunt.com/posts/neno-for-ios.

    I think it is expected with all launches in any site where your email is publicly available.

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      I just looked at those links and found a few #1 products on PH that had used those services. It seriously sucks. :(

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    Glad I found this. I launched http://reelcalmapp.com today and just received this email. Just the writing alone felt scammy, and now I see they are just copying and pasting and replacing the product name. Such a shame.

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    There are many fake profiles upvoting on ProductHunt. These guys are offering a shortcut to people who come to PH only for launch, not for supporting others.

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    uhhhh that's a bummer
    The whole paid mentor section is kinda a bummer too. Feels like I have to pay to get my product hunted by Messina..

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    I got an email like this when I first posted on PH. Then, one day when I was getting lots of organic upvotes, I got another email but from a different guy offering to give me lots of upvotes.

    I also posted about fake users on PH. I see a whole bunch of generic comments on my launch page by generic users with fake profile pics.

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    I feel like he is scamming

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