Is Remote-working Affecting Employee Engagement in Your Startup? Try This!

If you are managing a virtual team, it can be difficult to keep your remote employees engaged.

Virtual team members might work odd hours, have different cultural backgrounds, or live far away from the main office. Technology can help you to overcome these challenges by encouraging communication between team members and helping you to give them feedback.

Here are some of the ways you can boost the employee engagement level in your startup team:

1. Holiday celebrations

This is a great way to unwind from all the stress and cheer your team up. An excellent tip to celebrate festivals like Christmas is hosting a secret Santa event. The gifts don’t even have to be expensive. As long as they are useful and your team can use them on a daily basis, they’ll serve the purpose.

2. Home tours

This may be a great way to break the ice and build bonds with your employees. Here, you can ask employees to give everyone a virtual tour around their house and perhaps, introduce them to their pets too.

3. One-on-one video calls

One-on-one meetings with startup founders are a great way to make your employees feel heard. This is a good time to ask them for their opinions and their feedback.

4. Online training

Social distancing is stressful for everyone and some employees might lose sight of their path. Providing online training and walking them through the WFH process is a fantastic way to keep them engaged.

5. Office games online

This is a fun activity that can be scheduled during the end of the workweek. Here, everyone plays office games in the form of trivia and funny challenges. This may be hilarious, but it will boost their morale.

6. Give them recognition

Is there something that an employee did exceptionally well? Give them the recognition and praise they deserve. Failing to do so might make them feel that you only care about the revenue and not them.

Read this complete guide on employee engagement activities for remote workers

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