Is summer vacations a good time for growth?


Recently I noticed that growth on my Twitter account is really slow. I don't even mean followers count but everything – engagements, views etc.

I wonder if this is caused by the summer holidays or something else?

What is your experience with holiday growth?

Is summer vacations a good time for growth?
  1. yes
  2. no
  3. it doesn't matter
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    Summertime all around is not a great time for any kind of work activity, personally I'm using it to keep my head down and planning for Sept onwards.

    I also read somewhere recently that there's a larger than average slow down as people switch off after a long hard covid experience.

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      This is what my intuition tells me. But I wasn't sure as last year holiday I had the best time ever for my blog. Maybe last year everybody started reading programming tutorials as they were searching for an alternative career as a covid hit.

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    In my experience summertime is nose dive in sales from July to end of August, then in September things will start picking up again. So probably less engagement on social media as well.

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    Very surprising to see this being a thing. I read this on Twitter somewhere and now you talking about it. Maybe there is a certain percentage of influence factor here.

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    As someone who's working on an EdTech business...

    ...no. No it ain't. Sales are in the doghouse. XD

    But it's a great time to run user interviews!

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    Take the argument to its logical conclusion to give an insight...

    The market for beach towels? Never been better!

    The market for snow shoes? Not so good.

    So, in conclusion, it depends and no-one can give you an answer for your market of expertise.

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      That is a very good point.

      I try to market for programmers so I guess it's not so good... some people are on vacation, some are frustrated because they're at the _home_office.

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    Sound good. Can this summer growth calculator work without any local host? I want to try it for my website.

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    hey dan would you like to make something?

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      Hi, sorry I'm already quite occupied with my full-time job + my indie side project https://www.indiehackers.com/product/production-ready-forms

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        fine then all good mate

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