August 9, 2019

Is there a market for my idea?

Jay from Zlappo @simplisticallysimple

Idea: automatically retweet your popular tweets

It's just a side project idea that's scratching my own itch.

It'd be an app that searches my thousands of past and future tweets that have shown great engagement, and then automatically retweets/quotes it regularly and also automatically adds a plug to any future viral tweet (e.g. "check out my Soundcloud," "buy my ebook," etc.).

I guess eventually I'll expand it to become a full-fledged Twitter automation tool, but I'd rather start with one "cool" feature and build from there.

If you use Twitter for business, would you use this? Pay for it?

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    What if the contents of the popular tweet is not an evergreen content ?

    If the popular tweet is based on an occasional event then how do your service recognise it ?

    Retweeting such tweet is not the natural goal.

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      I think "evergreen" is subjective. Even if it's contextual/passing, the fact that it resonated with so many people shows that it's interesting. I'm not sure if I had any popular tweet in the past that I wouldn't feel proud retweeting.

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    Michael Mayer, CEO of Bottomless and prolific tweeter, mentioned a similar idea during this interview.

    It might work as part of a ‘Twitter Toolbelt.’ Where you offer several automations under a single plan.

    Another automation idea: Boost the quality of feeds by deleting tweets with low engagement. This makes accounts more attractive to new followers.

    Collect enough of these automations and there might be enough perceived value for it to work.

    As @Mailman noted, there’s platform risk.

    Ahrefs applies this strategy to SEO by offering more than 20 tools.

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      Wow, this is a great idea. Plenty of Twitter marketers already manually delete tweets with low engagement. That's worth thinking about. Thanks!

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    Reposting those posts with automation is probably against the TOS....I found this on meetedgar's blog.

    Here’s one behavior that may get you flagged for spamming, from the Twitter rules:

    “If you post duplicative or substantially similar content, replies, or mentions over multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account, or create duplicate or substantially similar accounts.”

    (Take special note of that “multiple duplicate updates on one account” part.)

    And from Twitter’s automation rules:

    “You may not post duplicative or substantially similar Tweets on one account or over multiple accounts you operate.”

    Long story short?

    Whether you recycle your Tweets across multiple Twitter accounts or on just one, it’s officially against the rules – and Twitter is now enforcing those rules more strictly than ever.

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    I wouldn't, no. But then again I don't have a twitter account, so there's that. This may be way off point, so probably ignore it, but:

    What's the point? I'm assuming the end-goal isn't to get likes (or whatever twitter calls them). It's maybe to garner interest, then start a conversation, then build a connection, then get a customer, then have somebody who really likes both you and your product and might tell somebody else about it... or something like that.

    And that's just the point of the business. What's the greater-picture point? For me it's about connection (for others it may be something different). Authentic human connection. And it bums me out when we try to automate that. But I've been called curmudgeonly ;)

    All that said, I do think that people would buy this if the landing page was pretty enough. And I think it's a really, really solid idea on the surface. I think people would pay for it because it touches beautifully on a pain point. But I also think that your churn rate will be pretty high and your customer satisfaction pretty low - over the long term - as people start to realize that the extra twitter likes don't actually help them in any way.

    ^ Random uneducated thought. Would love to discuss more!

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      twitter agrees with you...programmatic social posts are spam. It was the bomb for years but I think that train has left the station or will really soon.

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