No-Code January 13, 2021

Is there a no-code platform that allows me to build ANY type of website?

ToDayWeLaunch @entrepreneurs

Im wondering if there exists a website that allows me to build ANY kind of website without coding.

So for example build my own youtube, or build my own social network, or regular old shop. Etc.

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    Webflow and Bubble are pretty close to what you need.

    Some learning curve is needed.

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    Most no-code platforms are not about showing you all the ingredients in the kitchen and asking you want you would like to cook but rather offering you a menu and asking what you would like to order.

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    It's called an online IDE :D

    the whole idea with these products is to make it easier to do things that are common, which means focusing in on actual uses vs staying the anything in world thing

    but some of them are capable of complex things like multisided platforms

    If your going to be the next fb, non of them would survive

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      This is not to build something innovative. This is to build something basic. Most people dont want to build the next facebook (how could that even happen? Facebook already happened. lol).

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        If you survey "who wants to build the next facebook" in somewhere like startup school you might get 50%-100% saying yes :P

        "build the next fb" could mean one of two generically to most people
        a huge customer-facing company
        a social network

        you can make a no-code social network builder... but you'd need to consider it is for a more niche crowd and with "higher costs" :thinking-face:

        maybe what you want to ask is the reverse
        what did you try to build with no-code and couldn't [find a tool for]

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    Do you need everything on one platform? May I ask you why?

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      To be superior to all other platforms. Nobody needs anything.

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        To be superior in a feature no one cares about is to be sub-par in the market

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          ok, u did not understand me. My way of saying things can often be misunderstood, kind of my fault, but I rather be me.💅

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