Is there a service for recovering Stripe failed payments?

I’ve been running a small SaaS company for the last few months (KeywordSearch.com) and have seen a significant amount of failed payments on subscriptions.

We are using Stripe and I know I can write some logic to try and do some basic follow up emails with customers and help guide them towards updating their payment method - but I’m wondering if there is a plug and play solution that can help here that is integrated with Stripe?

I’ve come across Profitwell and we are using them for some insights and analytics but I’m worried their Retain solution is out of our price range.

Has anyone come across other potential solutions for this?

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    Stripe has retries and failed card emails built in. You can set them up in your Stripe dashboard.

    Stripe Dashboard

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      thanks for the tip! I'll go update my settings right now - this should help

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    Yes. I also found Profitwell too expensive for an indie startup, although love the analytics.

    I use https://wwww.stunning.co for Growform.

    It's free until it makes you money, and has very reasonable pricing for my level ($50/mo for up to a few hundred customers).

    It takes care of dunning emails, alerts, payment card updates etc - definitely don't build yourself! :)

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      thank you for sharing Stunning! I will check out their service 🙏

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        Np! Here's a referral link that gives us both 50% off 1mo (only just found out after making the recommendation haha)


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    +1 for this thread - been seeing this too with my SaaS. I suspect some users are signing up with disposable virtual cards offered by app banks for the free trial knowing they won't be charged after it ends as they can freeze the card.

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      I'm surprised Stripe doesn't catch / flag these types of payments

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    unrelated: how'd you get your hands on that domain name, that's crazy

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      we are very lucky to have the domain name! I think it will be helpful in the long run, especially as we expand our feature offerings - we did have to invest a bit to purchase it - but the price tag was surprisingly affordable for a bootstrapped company

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        Fantastic, thanks for sharing!

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    This process is called dunning management. I believe that Stripe has it's own features to handle this, but there are also dedicated services that integrate with Stripe like Chargebee, Recurly, Stunning. I haven't done a comparision so I'm not sure what these services have over Stripe's internal features (I think they were built before Stripe had it's own dunning management).

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      Good to know there's a name for this :)

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      thank you! I'll do some more research into dunning management specifically!

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