Is there a terminology for this?

I've been searching the internet high and low to help my friend answer this question. Then I though why didn't I come to indie first!

She's looking to build a platform that's based 100% around pulling API data from key partners in her industry. She plans to use that data to build a frontend UI to display the information. I want to give her some great examples of companies doing this already but I don't know what the terminology is called to find a list of those companies (outside the 1 or 2 I know of).

Could you help me out? If you know the terminology or any companies doing this as well could you list them and I'll link her to this post. Thanks a lot!

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    Whatever she do, she should make sure to save locally fetched data from API.
    Two reasons:

    1. Less queries to API (less possibility to hit the possible limits)
    2. Last saved data stays visible if some temporary access / data availability / connection issue happens.
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      This is pretty clutch right here. I'm taking this tidbit advice for myself as well lol.

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    Something to note, there’s obviously risk involved in relying on third party data for your core offering. I used to work for a company who relied on pulling data from third parties and if they went down, changed in some way or we were blocked our product couldn’t function. It was a business risk that we could never fully mitigate, and it did affect our product. We probably needed a direct relationship with the third party (but still, relationships can end). Just something to think about - if the third parties you rely on go down, so does your product

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      Thanks for the tidbit Jamie. I brought this to her attention as well. The fact that you mentioned allows me to double down on that statement.

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    I believe the term "Business Intelligence" is somewhat close to what you're describing

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      Isn't BI all internal processes though? Just asking based on what I've researched.

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      I just looked it up. Something along those lines I don’t know if her requirements are that loose. I just know she mentioned she wanted to partner with particular industry partners to leverage there data but build her own SAAS on top of it

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    Thank you very much for the question and the replies as well, we are building our system of Online Airtime distribution and we are also looking at a system which can pull data from different platforms which are currently stand alone.

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    The product you're describing sounds a little like https://clearbit.com/

    They call their offering "data enrichment" although I'm not sure if this is an industry term or their proprietary term.

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