Is there a Zencastr/Squadcast-like tool that lets you record video?

I'd love to record soundin high-quality and also see guests/record the video, too.

Is there a tool/service that exists that records both?

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    Hi Jas, Riverside.fm is the answer to your question.

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      Courtland mentioned in a recent IndieHackers that he's currently using Riverside (after migrating from Squadcast before that, and Zencastr before that). If it's good enough for Courtland it's good enough for me!

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      I believe this is what @jmckinven uses for Indie Bites if you wanted a personal review.

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          Yep a +1 for Riverside! Best product out there and they are adding features at an impressive rate.

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    I think Zencastr just released video (or is in beta) https://beta.zencastr.com/

    Love the team at Zencastr too 😍

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      Oh - interesting - thanks! It looks like it'll be between Zencastr & Riverside... I'm happy that 2 solid solutions exist.

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    With my podcast co-hosts we replaced Zencastr with StreamYard, which is going to support downloading separate audio tracks soon.

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      Thanks Paolo. I'm a fan of Streamyard - I use them for my live events, and they seem to be improving all the time. I'll be curious to know see what the audio quality is like, I'd imagine it'll be decent.

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        You're welcome.

        My nerd co-hosts, who are picky when it comes to audio quality, decided StreamYard was good enough to drop Zencastr, which we were using as a backup anyway when recording live video episodes.

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          Wow, that's cool to know. Can I ask how you extract the audio from your Streamyard video recordings?

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            We use a homegrown script that automates the full episode processing and distribution process. It takes as input the video recording of an episode from YouTube (more precisely, it downloads the audio), does a bit of audio cleaning and processing, extracts the show notes from a Trello board, and publishes the episode.

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              wow, that sounds pretty neat. Thx for sharing :)

              (ps. funny... i'm currently extracting audio from my latest recording as I type this out)

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                Indeed, automation saves a lot of time and effort.

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