Is there any worse pain than releasing a product you're proud of, only to have someone identify an obvious bug minutes into the release?

Tell me I'm not alone on this...

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    That's why I prefer a very slow launch. I really don't understand why people release their products everywhere in one day, after stealth development on top of that.
    I think the best way is to basically post a link to your startup somewhere once a day, every day. And start with your friends, small communities, Twitter, then maybe IH and then HN and then PH. You also get much more visibility this way. And it's much better to see a startup mentioned somewhere just every once in a while, it kinda suggests it's more organic. Also, helps you fix those bugs without pressure and embarrassment in front of a huge audience.

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      Love this. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Yes, it's worse when you launch, there's bugs, but nobody came to notice them.

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      Came here to say this too!

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    Preach. But you’re on the field and not in the stands. #justshipit flip side: you fixed your first bug in mins…

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    Tell me about it. In such a situation I remind myself that its my fault not the user. Then I go fix it. I have come to appreciate writing tests for releases.

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    Yes, you are not alone. It's quite normal, but what I usually do is to quickly fix and release , at the same time thanking the OP for reporting the bug (and sometimes even incentivizing with some free stuff). This makes the person feel important for a reason.

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    Thats great, it means people are using your app which is the most difficult part. Now fix your bug 🙂

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    Yeah, that is pretty painful. But there are obviously worse pains than that. Death of a loved one, for example.

    But I hear ya! It stings to have that happen

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      I'm obviously being dramatic, but it's the fall from excitement so quickly that gets me.

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        yep :). Congrats on the release/launch!

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    Tyler this is like "kill of the week" in Zombieland - you're not even close to having a remarkable story here.

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      Absolutely. That's why I thought this might be one of the most relatable posts on IH.

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