April 19, 2019

Is there room for another marketplace for side projects?


I am considering to build another marketplace for side projects like 1kprojects.com but 100% free. For everyone that doesn't know how they make money, they try to charge you $80 if you just want to respond to people interested in your projects. There is no guarantee your project even sells while you already paid their fee.

Basically they take advantage of users sending have assed requests like 'I am interested, pls tell me more' to trick the sellers into paying them their fee in hopes that their project actually gets acquired.

Do you think a 100% free marketplace without bullsh*t like this would offer enough value to get the same interest? My motivation and only way to profit from it would be to buy/sell projects on it as well.

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    You might want to read https://www.indiehackers.com/interview/how-i-beat-maker-paralysis-with-an-800-mo-side-project-075af15c98

    Will give you more insight.

    Key points:
    He couldn't charge a percentage of the sale due to his location. That meant he had to charge another way.
    He sold the company, so most likely will either have a big update or marketing push.

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    Make it free to get started and take a very small % on top of transaction fees (maybe 3%...far less than Etsy, for instance) so it at least pays for itself. That will attract the most side projects, which will make it more attractive to customers. Keep friction out of the process.

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