Ideas and Validation February 20, 2021

Is there tool to create mail course?

Anil K. @anilkilic

Hey hackers,

Do you know is there a tool to create mail courses. Where the subscriber get the first issue rather than the latest.

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    Any email marketing platform which supports user journeys/automation will support this.

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      I see, it's called journey or automation. I'm way behind on this email marketing. Checked EmailOctopus now, you are offering a great free tier!

      And I'm unable to see images without a VPN :) fyi.

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    For I wrote my own simple email course system:

    • Support for markdown content as the platform is targeted for developers
    • Gumroad integration

    If you interested in it, let me know - maybe we can work something out.

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    I think most of the guys use ConvertKit for that

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    If I understand correctly, most email marketing and some ecommerce platforms support this. For example, with Gumroad you'd det up a product for the course and create a workflow to email the installements starting from the first one.

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      Great for those who have PayPal accounts, sadly for me they only support PayPal for online payouts which I don't have. 😫

      I didn't realize it was a common thing as seen on how I asked about it.

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        That's a good point.

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    You can achieve that with mailchimp and flodesk automations (most of the email services provide this kind of automations, above are the ones I used for this kind of workflow).

    like once the welcome email is sent then the automation starts for the particular subscriber.

    automation workflow goes like this: once subscribed > send welcome email > one day later > send lesson 1 > one day later > send lesson 2 > one day later > send lesson 3 > so on....

    flodesk is the cheapest: $38 per month for everything (contacts, automations, emails) unlimited.

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