Is this landing page clear?

I'm working on a landing page for our newest product. We are building a help doc product in line with our mission (providing a suite of tools purpose-built for early-stage companies)

Is the content on this page clear? Does it give you an idea of what the tool will do?

Thanks for the feedback 💚


edit: so much good feedback. Thank you to everyone.

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    Hi Joe! I've also given you some detailed feedback in video form around clarity and switching the copy to be a little more persuasive and reader-focused: https://www.loom.com/share/78217ee6e4954a2c955a2b1ba5b4bfd5

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      This was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much!

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    When I first read it, I though the docs were a knowledge base for customer support teams. I think the subtitle saying "A knowledge base for customer support" then follwed up farther down the page by the subtitle "Your customers need help, and you can provide it fast" threw me off a little. I re-read and looks like customer facing knowledge base and other docs.

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      I hadn't thought of that. Thank you, I'll fix it.

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    I got Some sort of documentation website. No idea what sort of documentation because you have to sign up to see a sample. I don't sign up for things if I don't know if they'll be valuable. What's the idea, that you'll harvest my email address and spam me even before I find that the product is no use to me.

    Also, who reads documentation?

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    It makes sense, but I couldn't help thinking the whole time: why not just use Notion?

    I believe you need to push on this a bit - show why the value is with your product over other products.

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    The main thing I am concerned about here is that it doesn't emphasize what's wrong with the way things are. I suspect that by indicating common pain points that people can relate to you might have a better chance to convert visitors.

    I think others have said it already, but definitely the "mission" part feels like it is about this particular product. May be it should be somewhere else and not distract visitors from the main CTA?

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    I followed the documentation idea, but I kept getting thrown off by the "Lean20" stuff - at first I thought that was part of the documentation offering, but then realized it's more of a company value. I'd de-emphasize that and focus more on what you're delivering for users - as a potential user of the software, I don't personally care too much if it's "Lean20" or not - I'm looking to solve my own documentation needs, etc. Just my 2 cents!

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      Thanks! I appreciate the honesty

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    My assumption from scanning the page is that it's a tool to create a branded documentation site. For customer support faq or api docs for example.

    Am I right? 😅

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    Not quite.

    "A knowledge base"... like a place to store documents?
    "For customer support"... So you'll save documents users can read here, right?
    "FAQ, Developer API and more" Ah I see help docs site, got it.

    "Documentation the way it should be" What is that way?
    ".. for what maters most" What is that?

    Reading the Lean20 Vision got me with more questions than answers.

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      Reading the Lean20 Vision got me with more questions than answers.

      Could you share what those are?

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        Sure. Bear in mind this were ver FIRST impressions.

        When I took 3 more minutes to try to make sense of things now I get "Docs" is a Lean20 product.

        So I clicked on the link you provided without looking at the main page and I couldn't understand it was about one of the Lean20 products.

        On the main page, you call this product "Docs" but on this page, that name doesn't appear again.

        Because of that, I couldn't understand very the page was talking about. So I get to the "Lean20 Vision" thinking it might clarify thing but it created more questions:

        The idea is simple.
        Venture-scale companies are pressured with relentless pursuit of revenue growth which has an inevitable impact on software complexity and price.

        Q. What? What venture scale companies are we talking about? How is this related to the page I'm seeing.

        Commodity services.
        Cloud computing allows us to reduce many products to only the features truly needed for the lowest possible price.

        Cloud computing? What? Where that came from. How is that related to the venture-scale companies mentioned above.

        The 80/20 rule.
        80% of software features are used by less than 20% of users. Our focus is eliminating those, supporting only the highest value functionality.

        What? Are we changing the subject again? Ok what features were eliminated in this product? What are those 20% remaining useful features this product offers?

        Bootstrapped and hand-crafted.
        We never outsource development. We are built with love from Seattle and have the experience and passion to keep it that way.

        Oh I see you were talking about the company all this time, not the products. Well, I learned that on the 4th paragraph, and at this point, it's not very clear what the product is yet.

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    Overall I get what the product is but its slightly unclear at the beginning if the documentation is for external or internal users (maybe both?). I would suggest diving into details for the "Intuitive", "Search", and "No Limits" boxes have. Its a bit vague currently and I think this is where your USP should be described more.

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    I understand the product, so it's clear!

    Now, I ask you: What is your differential? What value do you offer that none of your competitors do?

    Also, the load speed is pretty good, but take a look at the things you could fix to improve even more the performance of your site: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=https%3A%2F%2Flean20.com%2Fproduct%2Fdocs%2F

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