Is this landing page clear?

Hello everyone!

I am currently building Throngalong.
I am not going to tell you what it does because my landing page should do that 😁

Is the messaging and the product positioning clear?

Only the β€˜how it works’ section is not done yet.

I would love some feedback because I find this the hardest part of starting a new product.

URL: https://throngalong.com


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    Got a little bit of video feedback for you :)

    I think I understood what your product was about! Pretty clear, but I gave some pointers on driving it home in the video. Hope it helps!


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      Hi Claire, I am very grateful for the effort you put into it. This helps me tremendously!

      I will adopt all your suggestions in an upcoming version.

      The only thing I'm still unsure about is the 'at scale' part.
      I've put that in there because, besides what the product is, I want to clarify the problem that it solves. And I find that difficult to put into (a limited amount of) words.

      My reasoning was:
      In the end (almost) everyone is capable of making friends. But it's different on Twitter than in real life.
      Because of the huge range of people, you can often try again. But to build and maintain several friendships (in construction) at the same time is a lot of effort without a system. Most people also have a life :D

      I want to offer a solution for that.

      I wanted to capture that solution in 'at scale' but I agree that might not get the point across well.

      What I had thought about:

      • Turn Twitter strangers into friends. Consistently.
      • Turn Twitter strangers into friends. Guided.

      Both a bit mweh :-(

      Maybe you have an extra suggestion?

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        As someone who loves systems, I'm instantly drawn to
        "A system to turn Twitter strangers into friends"

        Some other options

        • Turn Twitter strangers into friends. Build & maintain connections effortlessly
        • Your secret to making hundreds of real friends on Twitter
        • Turn Twitter interactions into friendships. Grow your network

        It's a difficult one for sure!

        What I like to do is to find a forum where people complain about Twitter and friends. Your headline is likely hiding there.

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    It seems like a CRM for twitter management? I'm not sure what it would help me do if I were to use the site.

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      I tried to improve the copy. Does it make more sense now?

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        Yes, definitely a more clear picture of what it might be able to do - I was at least intrigued to keep scrolling and then bummed that the "How it works" section isn't filled out yet. I think that's where you may really convert people as it will explain what actually happens as I use the tool.

        I would also tone down the orange on the picture of Bill Gurley - feels very overpowering.

        Good work on the updates!

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    I like your landing page. I do think some UX adjustments should be made. You can use Twik as your fixes platform, it makes it easier to do some post DOM injection, like changing CTA, colors and also scripts.
    So if you need an easy to use platform because you don't want dev team to work on it, it's really easy.

    Just one example of something that will help you convert more on this landing page is making the main CTA sticky while scrolling up and down.

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