Is this landing page too technical?

Is AppMasker's landing page too confusing?
  1. Nope, makes perfect sense.
  2. I get it, but only because I'm technical myself.
  3. It's very confusing.
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    Depends on who you are selling to ... if your audience is meant to be technical, then it's fine.

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    I think it’s good. Def. technical but I think that’s the right pitch given what you’re offering.

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      Thanks for the feedback. How do you feel about the pricing?

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        Looks very generous to me, but I’m no expert. I wonder if you’d do well with a $159/m or $199/m or something slotted in there. Looks like you’re leaving significant $$ on the table right now. Not sure. 😬

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    I love the quote from the client on the home page. :)

    Oh wait, that's you.

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      Eating my own dog food in this case 😂

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    I'm not a coder and I get the idea and would assume that there'd be explainers on any technical tasks for me to do if I signed up.

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    I think the landing page is overall really good.

    Here are some smaller suggestions:

    1. Try to have in all boxes 4 lines (better 3), the 'Deployment and Automation' has 5 lines
    2. See above: also for the box of 'More Money'
    3. Think of changing the CTA to 'Try for free' or 'Get started for free' and offer a 14 day free trial (in case this is possible for you)
    4. The 'How it works' section could be improved, for me there are some steps missing. (e.g. Send to White label app to customer; Get paid...)
    5. Go for odd number pricing (Check more info on pricing here: https://startupbusinesstips.substack.com/p/10-hands-on-tips-for-saas-pricing
    6. Testimonial: add the company of the testimonial to increase trust building. Maybe add some more social proof (e.g. Join more than 100+ happy customers)
    7. Make your About page a bit more personal, e.g. add an image of yourself
    8. For me your ideal target customer part is missing: For whom your tool is the right software...

    Hope it helps and good luck.

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    It is technical, but clear.
    I think you can have a little more concise message though, for example:

    White label your SaaS to get more customers

    Allow your customers to brand your SaaS by connecting their own domain and change images and colors

    To me, the vanity-domain part is the most interesting one because it involves additional server/gateway and complex DNS configuration.
    In many cases, this is the only part that is needed. For example, I have a forms service and my customers want the forms to be hosted on their domain. The admin interface doesn't have to be branded because it's not exposed to their customers.

    If I were you I would consider focusing on this part only and bring images branding only if there's demand.

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      So your forms app is already generic in appearance and so the only “whitelabeling” you’d be doing is enabling vanity domains?

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        My current form service is just a backend that handles forms submissions. Some customers want their forms to be submitted to forms.customer-brand.com rather than my domain - api.form-data.com

        I'm now also working on a form-builder/renderer which will actually serve the forms. So my customers would want to show their forms to their domain forms.customer-brand.com and not forms.form-data.com

        The form itself will have "powered-by" badge which paying customers will be able to remove, but I really don't need any service that will help me with it. It's a simple feature.

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    I don't understand a single thing from the website at the first glance. Seems more technical to me but I can't understand it. Looks like instead of the domain you provide different domain? Anyway that's my take but lot of people may easily understand what it is so nothing to worry about it.

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      It basically makes offering “vanity domains” to your saas customer easy. For example, Shopify gives you a free ugly subdomain but allows you to bring your own domain that suits your brand. Enabling that functionality at scale is complicated, which is what appmasker aims to simplify.

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        Ah so whoever provide the subdomain with their app but doesn't allow the custom domain mapping then appmasker allow me to use my domain instead of that subdomain?

        Also so appmasker can use my notion blog page my personal domain. If that's the case then it's awesome.

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          That’s exactly right, although it could help with the subdomains as well!

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            Glad to know what your business does congrats for the future endeavours.

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    There was just someone asking about this in a slack I'm in. I'll send them the link. Really interesting problem space and cool approach.

    Kinda started glazing over in the Zapier section (No-code friendly seems like an interesting distinction to make for initial customers, but maybe it's also an alienating segment for the code-first SAAS customers, probs worth more convos to find out) so it might be a bit too long for some.

    Think the custom domains is the least interesting of the value props to me, but I also haven't white-labelled any SAAS so I don't know how much of a hassle this actually is (I'd imagine a lot for folks who don't know how to futz with NGINX/Zone files)

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      Yeah the no-code stuff was an attempt to catch onto the trend. There’s some potential there in the future but for now it’s going to be devs who are most interested I think.

      What aspect did you find most compelling then?

      1. 2

        Defs the nuts and bolts parts and the "white-label your SAAS sections" over the custom domains and other stuff headers. The section about swapping all the URLs in the app and managing that for me felt like something that would be a hassle if I was going to do this so I paid more attention.

        I see a lot more complexity/hassle in those parts (again haven't whitelabeled SAAS before so it's hard to tell if I'm looking at the right thing)
        and therefore assume there's more value

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    Good landing page, though. The design is good, and the copy is clear, but a little less text to read can make it much better.
    To answer your question. Yes, it is technical, but it depends on who you are targeting.

  10. 1

    It's completely fine for the audience you are targeting. I am a SaaS founder and it's quite clear for me to understand your service.

    I would suggest adding something in the footer and it looks blank. Again, it's just a suggestion.

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