Is this too cluttered?


I am building a SaaS app that helps you convert strangers on Twitter to friends and customers. The main part of this app is a funnel, that shows how your Twitter contacts flow through this funnel over time.

I came up with the following POC. Does this make any sense? I am trying to build a product that is intuitive and does not require a manual to be understood.

I think this UI might be too heavy/complicated. What do you think? Any tips?


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    The idea is interesting but several questions...

    What are '198.999.898'?
    The schema is not complicated itself but I still don't see how it can help with converting. To convert, you still need to pitch your product, right? Does it your service do?

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      You're absolutely right, it doesn't show the unit of that number. Fixed it!

      Your second question is also spot-one, and clearly reveals that I still have doubts about that :-D Work in progress!

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