Twitter September 12, 2020

Is this Twitter analysis & data collection template helpful?

Ruben Portz @RubenPortz

Hey guys, spend some evenings on making a Twitter automation template within Google Sheets. It's the first time I created a video tutorial and I'm wondering whether it's clear?
One indie hacker already suggested that I should show the before and after right at the start or in the article. What do you think?

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    I like the style, could be improved more with google fonts not necessarily.

    About the video, it definitely lacks energy if I compare to any other video on the internet. I didn't watch it start to finish. I'm not sure why you vaguely explain the code, I'm familiar with it so it's not helpful for me, whoever doesn't familiar with it, not going to tinker with it I guess. I don't get the point. My suggestion would be think like you are speaking into public or teaching to a class, instead of teaching like 1 on 1 with a steady, silence sound.

    A few suggestions;
    API Keys could be moved to another sheet, if I ever want to present/share the results.
    Instead of shortened url, I'd prefer to see result.entities.url.urls[0].expanded_url

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      Okay, I randomly picked another topic [] and these are different. I can't tell if it's because your setup, maybe you put the mic away when you are on the computer, or you prepared a speech for this video and it's easier to only present it. Instead of explaining while you are doing it.

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        Thanks for taking the time, @anilkilic This is helpful.

        So if I understood you correctly, you liked the format of the 2nd topic better? I spend more time thinking that one through before creating it, so there's definitely a difference in the approach.

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          Sorry can't explain it clearly, it's not the format. On the first video, you are busy with the screen and your sound and rhythm follows it, it's a bit slow to grab attention. On the second video, you know what you'll say, you are confident and loud so it's more easy to follow. Hope it makes sense.

          And I thought first one was your first ever video so I wanted to give a suggestion but you've already nailed it. So keep it going. :)

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            Gotcha! Thanks and will do 💪🏼

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