Is this URL→IMG generator useful?

Just launched my QR Poster Generator but I'm really not sure if this is useful. I don't even know if the name makes sense. The idea is one-click image generation from any URL so people can share it on Pinterest and Instagram. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. 😊


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    It won't work i waited too long to see something but nothing there

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    I tried it but feel like login is too much to ask. I don't feel like need of login.

    1. 2

      Fixed it. You no longer have to login until you download and save the image.

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    I'm not sure I care so much about the QR generation (don't really ever use those for anything).

    But definitely would be useful if it could auto-generate nice, professional looking pics or other media based on url only. These are increasingly needed on Twitter, Reddit, IH, Linkedin etc.

    I also find the mandatory login as the first step a bit annoying. I'd prefer if I could try it out first without signing up for anything.

    Hope these help!

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      Hi timosarkka,

      Thank you very much for your feedback. The reason for the QR code is because it is widely used in China which is why I designed this for. I will down play the QR generation for the English version.I will also remove the login requirement. 😊

      Did you give it a try? I think the best part is you can easily edit the generated image (if you like). And even customize your own template so you can generate quickly.

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