Is Twitter Fleets still a thing?

November last year Twitter launched Fleets. Fleets is the Twitter version of Instagram Stories. Everything you post on Fleets disappears after 24 hours.

At first, I saw people posting things on Fleets that normally aren’t posted into the normal timeline.

But now, apparently, the excitement has gone.

I’m interested to know if you still use Fleets and if so, what sort of content do you post and why?

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    I like Fleets. They're icebreakers and got many interesting conversations in DM because of them.

    This is my social media strategy:

    Tweets = (best) work related stuff (text)
    Fleets = (casual) work related stuff (text)

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      That's what I've seen with Fleets. Fleets are more for casual, personal stuff. Whereas normal tweets more for work/deep thinking stuff.

      The icebreaker aspect of it, leading to DMs is very interesting indeed. Maybe I should use it more...

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    Used it first time today, let's see what happens :)

    1. 2

      Some good things might happen.....

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    N=1, but I don't use fleets. When I want to use Stories, I use Instagram.

    Stories for me are really personal. I post about the places I go, things I do, random 3 AM rants. And I only do that to a select audience -- my private Instagram account.

    For me, the fleets format was just awkward. It was a strange feature introduction for Twitter that honestly never made sense.

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      As Andrea said, Fleets is a good icebreaker that might lead to DMs. Maybe for those who are not much into Instagram, Fleets came as an alternative.

      Why do think it's awkward? Because of the nature of sharing things with all your followers?

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