Is your oral pitch important to you?

I find myself pitching constantly. I improved immensely during these last weeks (I'll dedicate a post for it). And I started dissecting the way I pitch orally. How I speak about my product.

Is anyone else here interested in a discussion on improving the way present our product? Not just the written words, but how we actually talk about it. Intonations, presentation, pauses, etc?

Should we discuss how to improve our oral pitch?
  1. Yes... Yes!
  2. Nooooooo
  1. 2

    I think that public speaking is one of the most crucial skills in 21 century. It's important whether you need to raise money from investors, or convince your friends to go to a specific bar 😅

  2. 2

    It's smart to practice, test, and fine-tune your verbal pitch. See what clicks and what doesn't with people. Try new analogies for example.

    Also, just my opinion, but I'd use the term "verbal" instead of "oral." I think "verbal" deals with speaking/talking, while "oral" deals with the mouth as a body part, like oral medication.

  3. 2

    Yea I am interested - while I have zero intention to pitch face to face, I still plan on making videos going over what my products do. Would be helpful to learn some skills 😅

    1. 1

      I agree, I also feel like writing my pitch and speaking it are different skills. If I spoke my written pitch it would sound unnatural and scripted

      Writing how I speak it wouldn’t work as well…

  4. 2

    I talk to myself before I get on a call or if I have to pitch a product to a company. It really helps me to get into the flow and rhythm of talking smoothly.

    1. 1

      Did you ever try pitching to others? Such as friends and family. Maybe strangers. Just to see how they get it.

      1. 1

        I speak to top management of companies, has worked for me till now haha.

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