Is your social media account yours?

Is your social media account yours?

I am very interested in the issue of owning an account on a social network. Should the account belong to the person who registered it or is it the property of the company that owns the platform? Let's think it over.

Some people, for example, invest in design, promotion and content creation for their account. If we assume that the account does not belong to a person, then it turns out that his investments are very doubtful. If we assume that a person's account is his property, then we need a mechanism to hold them accountable for displaying prohibited content.

Let's try to compare a social media account and a house (an ordinary house, or an apartment that you own). If you posted on your house a call to violence in letters that are visible from many meters away, the police would come (after the complaint) to you. Home is yours, no one questions it. But you will be asked to withdraw the call. In this case, you are sure that your house will not be demolished, even if you refuse to withdraw the call. Other sanctions will follow, but your house will remain standing even if you go to jail for a ride to resist the police.

What do you think of it?

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