It hurts to be a Creator...What are your pains? Let's share the dark side of this great journey!

Hi all,

Over the past weeks, I've created a YouTube channel.
I must say that even I already knew it was hard, I wasn't expecting it would be so much hard.

I don't even know if the hardest part is to get an audience and the initial traction or if it is the fact that we have to run a one-man show.

Meaning: we have to read and study how Youtube works, how to create an audience, how to edit and distribute, and which are the best distribution channels.

We have to learn about writing a script or outline, how to talk to a camera and how to properly shoot our videos.

We have to learn about design to make our thumbnails and in our way, we must learn about different tools and software, techniques and....wait, we must still be productive while running our daily lives (whatever it is at work, family, student life, you name it).

That being said, I'd like to know which are your main pains as Creators. Whatever you run a newsletter, a blog, YouTube channel, Community, Instagram page....What are some of your biggest pains?

Just because I'm in real pain, it really hurts and can get overwhelming...

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    Invisibility. Crickets. Working hard, providing something valuable, and following all the best practices but being ingored.

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      What are you building?

      1. 1

        I published an ebook, run a newsletter, and maintain a blog. I plan to create more info products.

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          What did you try to get more visible? What works, what doesn't?

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            I tried pretty much all the usual advice such as consistently sharing valuable content, engaging with users, and so on.

            The problem is when starting out, everything happens at a snail's pace and nothing seems to move the needle. Especially if you don't have an existing or significant platform. Until you hit a critical mass, when a self-sustaining chain reaction kicks in and pretty much anything you throw at the wall sticks.

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        I think this is the most relatable experience of indie hacking.

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          Great answer indeed! I'd say the same if compared to an Indie Hacker

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    it. just. takes. a. long. time.

    ... but, if you don't stop, you may realize that you've done it.

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      yeaaaah I know, I've heard about that effect earlier. To be honest, I'm super pumped up about this Channel, I love to create this content. Doesn't matter how hard it is...

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    I recently started filming videos where i refurbished thrown away furniture and one of my pains has really been the editing. I definitely underestimated how easy it would be to match other creators in the editing game haha

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      While editing is hard, it has a very enjoyable learning curve if compared to growing an audience. At least that's my opinion because you can see material improvements from video to video. Growing your channel overall is like walking in a dark room. It remembers me Pokemon when you get into a cave and have to use Flash to get some light hahaha

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