It is senseless to make a game when none plays it

So I'm making a game for about 9 months. I can say it is my pregnancy period...
I did some prototyping and initial tests and things look promising.

When you are a solo developer and don't know how to promote your game, you will get nothing out of it. You can always go to some bigger fish but there is no telling if they will take your money and just publish it at the lowest cost possible (a friend of mine had exact results with some big publishment company)

I thought I'll try to create a devlog.
As I have a bit of knowledge about game-making I want it to have more of an educational thing when I go on with a problem, dig deeper into it, find examples in bigger productions and at last compare it to my game.

Anyhow here is a link to my first kind of good episode about prototyping in games: https://youtu.be/04dKlCXjLFQ

I was thinking that the next episode can be about life systems in card games
(Magic vs Hearthstone) and where those differences come from and how it is implemented in my game.

Do you guys think that it can be a thing or are those bollocks?

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    Personally I have built well close to a hundred websites that no one has ever looked at. Why did I do it? I learned how to better design, or develop. For some I learned how to integrate a mailing system using Twilio. From each one I took something away.

    Did most of them get 0 views? Yes - but I learned so much from those experiences that I then brought to consulting on client projects, and now to building my own products.

    I dont think what you are doing is a waste.

    Also - keep in mind. It is wildly unlikely that you will hit success on your first try.

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      @dock90 I totally agree with that, each step is a learning process and success shouldn't be just measured by whether it's got hundreds of downloads or not. Because if you're able to just affect just one person in a good way, that would mean you're on the right track. And you get to keep all the knowledge from your previous project and carry it on to the next one.

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      Yeah, I totally understand that everything is a process.
      This project will take more than a year I guess. But I'm learning a lot, which is unquestionable thanks for the warm words.

      On the other hand, even thinking about the amount of work to start the second project is terrifying, but maybe that is the way it is until you start it :)
      And in time it just becomes a habit. I do take pleasure in this project since it allows me to have a slight feeling of control about escaping 9-17 job

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    Can you tell more about game you are creating? It looks really interesting! How it is different than other card games?

    Gamevlog - i watched your first episodes and you are getting better and better! Keep going :) I am not the vlogger but maybe someone here can help you with that!

    Good luck man!

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      It is deckbuilding game that takes place inside of Nordic mythology world.
      In each fight, the player builds a new deck from available cards (it is my first game and I don't want to experiment with progressive deckbuilding).

      You have god's favour which is money to upgrade cards
      Strikes which are kind of spells
      and spirits which are creatures.

      I'm trying to design every encounter as a different experience with some kind of enrage. Example: Mimir upgrades his cards in hand, Freya increases her life and deals damage based on life.

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