Iterations (Day 340)

Protagonists from Hollywood movies often can overcome insurmountable challenges in an impossibly short time. Reality shows try to discovery extraordinary talents among ordinary people. And in the Japanese anime world, you'll find many stories of average joes suddenly found superpowers when pushed to the edge.

It's exhilarating to see the sudden transformation, turning the table against villains, or fate. Instant turnarounds release the tension.

These things do happen. Most lottery games have winners despite the odds. You may know somebody who born with singing talents. But, these aren't things we can pursue, they only happen.

For 99% of the people like me, the overnight success is not something attainable. Life is a constant learning process, through different "experiments". To learn anything new, requires stepping outside of comfort zone, overcoming the discomfort and keep grinding at it with some grit. Skyscrapers aren't build from the top, but through first digging into the ground to build the foundation.

Sometimes I tend to put too much pressure for seeking success in every project. It led to me taking unnecessary risks in the past, because I want to achieve something beyond the circumstances offered, but I was too blind to realize.

What gamification taught me is that to beat the ultimate boss, it requires going through each level, sometimes with many repetitions. The sure way to achieve something is through iterations. One step at a time, and that is the pace even in a fast moving industry. There's endless supply of amazing opportunities, what we need is the skill to take advantage of the next opportunity.

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