It's 2020, so we made the most depressing game on earth.

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    Nice game, the best type of the game really - I enjoyed it and learned something!

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      Thanks Bart, much appreciated.

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    Upvoting purely for the post title

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    @Chxrles Nice game I would say. And with some interesting surprises too.

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    I learnt something new..

    Nice game

    I like the concept

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    This was weirdly fun...

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      The best kind of fun!

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    The game looks visually very nice. It is the modern-day version of Hot or Not.

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      We also made higherlowergame.com which got played a few billion times.

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    Good game :-D
    My score is 20, where did you get to?

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    This is so nice @Chxrles. I shared it on my Twitter to help people learn a thing or two about our natural world.


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    This. Is. Amazing. 😂 As well as educational!!

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    Awesome game! I think there are some bugs though. I just lost a game of Red Panda vs Asian Elephant by selecting Red Panda and it said there were only 49 Asian Elephants after an earlier game said 40k. (There are 40k Asian Elephants and 10k Red Pandas).

    There was also one that said "whale" with a 50k population while showing a picture of a humpback whale.

    I love this game! I could do this all day. Animal facts are the best.

    EDIT: I wasn't able to capture a screenshot the first time but I got it the 2nd time:

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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