It's Gumroad pay day! Share your screenshots 😍

Hey there.

How's your Gumroad sales going?

Here's mine. <Ain't much but it's an honest work meme here>

Let's see what others got. Put your screenshots below. Don't worry, it's not a bragging competition. And I won't be jealous if your number is more than $80.


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    I don't know how to attach a screenshot to a comment. But, since you asked, here are my data:

    • past 7 days: $0
    • past 30 days: $0
    • total: $0
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      omg we earn the same!

      1. 3

        Great minds earn alike 😀

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      Like this --> ! alt
      ...oh man how dumn of me....

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        Thanks but the site can't apparently display your image, or I can't see it.

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          It's similar to putting a link in markdown. You need to put an ! at the beginning.


          You can check out this page, Mastering Markdown

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            I see, thanks.

            I was actually wondering not so much on the Markdown syntaxt but on where to host the image file. When creating a new post, Indie Hackers gives me the option to upload an image file from the editor. But, when creating a comment like this, I seem to understand I have to host the image online somewhere else and link to it from Indie Hackers.

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              Yes it requires extra bit of work, ibb.co working fine for me even tho they don't give the direct image link easily.

              Other popular options that I know, imgur and prntscr.

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        I've been on Gumroad for the past couple of months with only one product, an ebook. My overall total is still $0.

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          What's your ebook about?

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            My book is about astronomy and space apps for Android, with reviews and usage tips.

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    Daniel Vassallo Pay Day

    You can read more about how I promote my products on this Indie Hackers post, or my overall info product business on the Indie Hackers Podcast.

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      Grande Vassallo!
      That's great number. Probably most people started with Gumroad because of your results and yours willingness to be 100% transparent about it.

      So, people are still buying it (Twitter audience course), as we can see it? Did the demand drop after some time?

      Thanks for sharing

      1. 1

        It did drop a bit. The previous 4 weeks were all about $2.5-$3K/wk. That week was a bit of an outlier with a spike of affiliate sales. I’ll share a bit more on Twitter today or tomorrow.

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      Not bad for a week :)

      How much of these 5k has been made with affiliation? (Just curious)

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        Daniel Vassallo Gumroad Pay Day Statement

        About $1,700 from affiliates. All my affiliates are on 50% commission, except one person at 70%.

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          Where do you find affiliates? Any good recommendations ?

        2. 1

          Oh great! Would you recommend to start affiliation asap?

          ($300 of refund!)

          1. 3

            I wouldn’t bother with affiliates until you have some traction on your own. I doubt finding and vetting affiliates would be worth the effort without a product that hasn’t yet sold a fair amount. The main benefit of affiliates is that they tend to remind people of your product and push them a little bit to buy. But most buyers would have already heard of you before.

            Yes I get refund requests almost everyday. On average it’s 3.6%. It’s a cost of doing business.

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    One thing I have learned over the past almost six months is that while splashy launch days make for good stories and get attention, what really matters is consistency over time. I'm glad to say that this is my twenty-fourth consecutive weekly payout of at least 100 dollars. Lots of people make way more but I'm happy with my steady trickle.

    A few things I've learned to help with consistent sales:

    • having a high price for a valuable product helps keep the total weekly dollars up. It only takes 3 sales to reach 100 dollars.
    • using lots of different channels means that if I have a couple of off weeks on Twitter, I can make up ground elsewhere.
    • evergreen content is valuable for a reason.
    • Good SEO (not hacks, just lots of well-earned links, traffic, and a well-written page that people want to spend time on) takes a long time to build but provides value over time.
    • If you can't have consistency, have frequent spikes. I'd love to sell a book every day, but it seems like I sell them in little clusters, often from things like a well-spreading tweet, a podcast appearance, or a guest post.
    1. 1

      Hey Philip, thanks for sharing. I'm glad you achieved consistency with the product. It's quite important.

    1. 2

      Ah, that's sad. Any alternatives there?

      1. 3

        Stripe was also unavailable, I manage to work it by creating an account on TransferWise and linking it to Stripe and put stuff on Buymeacoffee & Ko-Fi. Paying more fees to 3rd parties but better than nothing.

        1. 1

          Slightly confused. If you say you are unable to use Stripe, how are you able to link your TW account to Stripe?

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            Stripe doesn't work with banks in Turkey (where I live), however TransferWise does. And they give us an IBAN from EU as you may know. Thus I was able to create an account on Stripe.

            1. 1

              So you accept payments using Stripe with higher fees instead of Gumroad?

              Oh I totally get it now.

              1. 1

                In a normal case PayPal and Gumroad takes their fees.
                In my case Stripe, TransferWise, Ko-Fi/BMC takes their fees plus some money lost in conversion (USD > EUR > TRY).

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        There’s an alternative like Paddle.

        1. 1

          Paddle also rejected me, they may require to see the page/product beforehand for an approval I guess.

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    I haven't start one but created an account. Currently $0
    Any idea where should i begin as a gumroad beginner?

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      Hey Fajar 👋. It happens that I have a Gumroad product that can answer this question. No, I'm not trying to sell it to you, on the contrary, I would give you a discount code for 100% off. It can show you what is technically possible to do with gumroad, and how you can set up your product. Plus some examples that may trigger your mind. On the other hand, you'll still have to provide the content.

      Let me know if you're interested and I can set it up


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    2.3k here can’t find a service that lets me post a screenshot cross domain

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      That's great, keep up the good work.

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    I started my Gumroad journey only a few days ago. pay day is gonna be next week!

    I hope to pass the 1k milestone before that!

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      Clever product. Reminds me of something I'm suggesting to people. The model obviously works

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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