July 19, 2020

It's Monday, what are you going to build this week?

Marvin Danig @marvindanig

It's a shiny new Monday morning on the far coast of Australia.

What are you going to build this week?

Share your weekly goal or project below and keep it tight for until it is Friday again. I wonder if it will make sense for me (and other Indies) to check on your progress on Friday as well, to see if those goals are met or not?

You know, something like a boss. 😎

My goal: Talk to three potential clients and add a little social proof on my website Red Goose.

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    Portabella has been shaping up nicely lately.

    I recently got a ton of feedback so I'm working through those action items to make the whole experience more usable.

    Dog fooding the platform for its own development is also helping.

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      Portabella looks nice!

      All the best on your weekly goal.

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      This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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    Working on Twitter cross posting for careermove.io community

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    My goal is to read book, work some things off from the todo list of Designtack.

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      What book are you reading?

      1. 2

        I am reading Zero to Sold by @arvidkahl .

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          That's awesome! Please let me know what you think of it!

          1. 2

            Sure, will do :)

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    Happy Monday!

    I am going to improve marketing for my name generator, 3sName.

    At the same time, I will improve the performance of my Shopify App - SEO Product Optimizer. There are more paid users now.

    1. 1

      Very cool. I think it is always better to put a quantifiable number on by how much you’d improve the performance of your app. Say, by 10% on page load time?

      All the best!

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    Building a new events-based analytics platform as a Keen.io competitor for Indie Hackers primarily. Used for anything with incrementing/decrementing numbers to full customer-facing analytics dashboards. Like with https://toastlog.com, he could use it for the sales goal number out of 1000. But https://addspotlight.com would use it to track each user visit for their core product and display numbers to the customer. Cool new project

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    Built the most powerful no code engine for Google Sheets for the last few weeks. This week working on a few adhoc tasks to cleanup the task list and go live.

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    Happy Monday! (I think it must be tuesday by now, right?)
    This week I'll be soft launching expertmachine.co, my content marketing for thought leaders service.
    Honestly a little nervous and there's a few unknowns, but sitting around overthinking isn't gonna help. Onwards!

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      Don't be nervous at all. JFDI!

      I'll be checking on this thread for progress on coming Friday. Keep pushing it, and try to get your site up by then. All the best!

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    I like some of the updates you have done with Red Goose since I last looked at it @marvindanig.

    Lots of updates and new content being added this week for Startup Sanctuary!

    1. 2

      @gordon your feedback was invaluable. I'll speed up and try to out our best version yet by coming Friday.

      Startup Sanctuary is pretty awesome. I'll DM you a thing about it shortly.

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    I’m just wrapping up the finishing touches to allow users to use their own domains for Their disposable email addresses. Hopefully that will be ready to launch by Wednesday, it’s been the number one most requested feature by both paid plan and free trial users.

    1. 2

      Your users will be elated to see their feedback being acknowledged and implemented. Good going, keep it up!

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    I'm going to pull myself together after burn-out and return to Pinger.

    I guess I'll do some small things first, like make custom setting for how long your site should be down before pinger notifies you :)

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      That’s true! Finding the smallest feature to finish in a day or two is the best way of finding that tiny nugget of motivation somewhere in the code. If not, take a break, no problem!

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        Yeah, thank you Marvin, indeed. I was like looking on the task list, I got ~150 todos, some of them vague, some of them hard. And after burn-out I just couldn't return to my product, so really I thought like "it's enough. Let's put 1 task in sprint, which is small and doable, and do it" :)

        Have a nice day!

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    Work on this features for https://zukoni.com

    • Add 20 components to the library
    • Add components pagination
    • Add search option
    1. 1

      Solid! Zukoni looks nice.

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    Not much building but my goal is to add +100 affiliate programs to my list of affiliate programs (https://sideprojectads.com/affiliate-programs).

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      That’s a clear goal. Great!

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    Ugh, working in UI issues. Has to be done, but not my favorite part...

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      UI is what others will see of your work. Just do it!

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    Nice goal for the week!

    Mine is getting a 1000 twitter followers!
    Help me out guys! https://twitter.com/DailyDevTips1

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      Awesome! All the best!

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    I've got another round of bug-fixing to do...

    1. 1

      Kill ‘em all. —Metallica

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    At hupport.com we are positioning ourselves as best calendly alternative, so we are going to build Round Robin features for team members. Also accepting payments in the calendar page feature. Last month we have built a Voice reminder feature, No calendar scheduling tools have these feature. So we are going to use this as a moat for our saas. From Chennai, India place where Freshwor and Zoho born

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    I'll be pushing an update to my Icon manager, Norde, but I'm also working on a new tool to further amplify your brand called Baseline.

    Baseline will be a suite of tools to amplify your brand. First one is an easy to way to create a brand guide to keep your brand consistent, which I'm working on this week. Then I'll be building on top of that to build tools that further amplify your brand. Like an asset generator for things like facebook banners, ads, etc.. that will be automatically branded to your brand, without you having to do anything.

    1. 1

      Norde is sexy! Thanks for sharing your work @gilli.

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    This morning I launched a small app I was working on SocialClimber. It allows users to lock social media behind an exercise goal.

    1. 1

      Congratulations on your launch. What's your goal with SocialClimber this week?

      1. 2

        Try and round up some interest and start driving downloads! 🚀

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    Hi Marvin!

    Now that the application is out and working at 97-98% (lingering bugs and quirks), it's time to:

    • write tons of articles;
    • research potential interviewees for a podcast I'm circling towards;
    • and do the two most meta of things: interview journalists; and research doing research!
    1. 2

      Solid roadmap, Wayne! I recommend taking up just one part of the list of to-dos you have on your hand and completing that goal in this week. 💯

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    Happy monday! 🤟

    My goal this week is to gather as much feedback as I can for TaskBite before the launch.

    1. 2

      "Talk to your users."

      That's the best startup advice there ever has been. Keep truckin'

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    First thing is to create 7th issue for my newsletter Remoteletter

    After that's done, I am tinkering with a new idea which I have posted here, basically a real time ecommerce product scraping API.

    1. 2

      Good going! I subscribed to your newsletter. Bring it on.

      1. 1

        Thanks man. A favor to ask, its likely that the confirmation email or future newsletters will land in promotion folder. So please move it to inbox and instruct gmail (assuming you are using it) to keep it on inbox in the future.

        1. 1


          I don't use Gmail anymore. Trying to extricate myself away from big corp as much as possible.

          1. 1

            Me too... have been using zoho for remote letter

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