May 7, 2019

I've been a digital nomad for about a year now...

Basile Samel @basilesamel

"I used to think loneliness was inevitable with this lifestyle but I was wrong. I've been a digital nomad for about a year now so I'm often alone but I don't generally feel lonely. I enjoy meeting new people and when you're genuinely curious about other people, you end up having more meaningful conversations and relationships. Right now, I'm also part of a couple of online groups for entrepreneurs and I'm finding the support I get there is even better than what I'd get from a co-founder. I think it's even better because they are not related to my business. If something's not working they won't bullshit me and say things like, 'Yeah it's going to work out tomorrow, we just need different marketing, blah blah.' They are more objective. There are a lot of challenges beyond the social aspect, though, and I'm always thinking about how to make this lifestyle sustainable long-term. It takes a huge amount of discipline to stick to a routine when you're moving every month or so. I rely on what I call my 'micro-habits.' I have a routine that I follow in every country I go to. Like, I will write 200 words every day no matter where I am. But I think to really make this lifestyle sustainable, we need to go back a bit to the way historical nomads lived, with concepts like slow travel — moving, but not at a fast pace. There's a real wandering impulse to humankind, it's in our genes. I'm hoping to do it forever, and I think that's possible."⠀

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