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I've built a community with over 25000 members to validate my idea. Now I want to help you do the same!

Building startups is my life passion. I've been doing that since 2015.
I bootstrap my own ideas and help other startups at all stages of the product life cycle.

  • What is an awesome idea without people who love it?
  • How do reach out to them?
  • How to build a community around your future product?
  • How to build the MVP of your startup with help of your community members?

When I was building my job board for juniors in IT, I've built a community with +25000 members! It helped me validate my idea and build an ideal product for them. What is great - I've got the first users for my website right after launch.

Now, I build every startup this way and you can too!

I'm going to create a course where you will learn how to create a community around your product and build MVP smart way. You'll join live lessons, get feedback for projects and make new friends in our awesome community.

Join now: https://b5iwcz1oo3z.typeform.com/to/riiOnwp5

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