I've built Billflow to $27k MRR in 18 months. AMA

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    What did you do in the early part of this year that took you on the steep growth from ~$8-10k to $27k now?

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      Adding more to this question.

      The jump from ~10k to $27k in less than 2 months is amazing! What caused the super cool growth?

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        @RyanWatson / @launchbeast - The growth in the past few months has been the result of two things:

        1- I went full-time on the business (finally!) which helped a lot with focus. In Feb I was able to get myself and another co-founder full time and we focused on sales and marketing. We now have 3 out of 5 co-founders full-time.

        2- We went upmarket and now targeting larger SaaS businesses who find a lot of value in our Stripe expertise. They pay a larger license fee for the product, hence the revenue bump.

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          First of all, congrats on your success!
          Related with your response in point 1, how the co-founders working full time are rewarded and what about the no-full time?

          Where and how how are you looking for these large organizations?

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            Thank you so much!
            Every co-founder has a significant share of the company, so the source of motivation is having skin in the game. The full-time co-founders get decent salaries to keep a low-stress lifestyle plus health insurance (I really believe it's a must for everyone). And the non-full-time founders are not getting paid, but they are working very hard to go full-time.

            This one is still a work in progress. We put a lot of content out and most of our traction is organic search and partner listings at the moment.

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    Hey Shar! This is incredible. Is this totally bootstrapped? I’m sorry for not already knowing. I’ll be following your journey from here on out, though!

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      Thank you @polluterofminds :)
      Yes, it is 100% bootstrapped. We have 5 co-founders. 3 who are full-time (including me), 1 who is becoming full-time in July, and another who is still doing consulting on the side.

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    Dude! Congrats! Also - love the new name.

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      Thanks, Hunter!
      Hope you are well :)

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    Happy customer here 😃

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    How did you get your first 100 customers? Looks like there were already tools like this when you started out.

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      the first 50 were mainly through SEO.
      The next 150 were mainly targeted inbound with partners, communities, SEO, and Stripe.

      I'm curious, what other tools have you seen like this?

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        I'm not really sure but isn't Rewardful the first one? Not sure if it's completely like yours but heard about a lot of Stripe Referral Programs.

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          That's really interesting. Rewardful is actually one of our best partners. We've been integrated with them since the beginning.

          Rewardful is a referral program made easy for SaaS. Billflow provides embeddable billing pages for SaaS, such as pricing pages, plan pickers, customer portal, checkout, etc. They are complementary products.

          This is very helpful feedback for me. Thank you. What made you think we are similar to Rewardful?

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            Ah cool, got the difference. It's probably similar to https://checkoutpage.co/ but has more features.

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    I've also launched a tool GrowthRanker to help founders build in public. I'd love your feedback and support :)


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