I've created a cheaper alternative to GPT-3 API

Hi everyone! I hope this post helps someone on Indie Hackers thinking about developing somethin above GPT3's API. I know that accessing GPT3's API is really hard and also that its pricing might be hard to handle if you're on the ideation phase of your project.

I've created an alternative using GPT2 basically. You'll have instant access, and the cheapest option is 20 dollars per month. You have one free month to test it (contact me in case you need more time for the setup).

You can find more details here: https://www.textgenerationapi.com/

I'd like to have your feedback in case you try it out or in case you'd like to have some more features.

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    Have you seen GPT NEO?

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      Yes, thanks! I tried it out but it's a really heavy model in terms of weights and that makes generation times extremely slow without investing a ton of money on servers.

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