I've created a tool to discover Twitter makers with filters

Hi everyone! I hope this sounds interesting to you. I've created https://www.makers-db.com/, a database of 5000+ makers (+ updates) containing their online projects, Twitter usernames, and content they talk about (Coding, Crypto, AI, Remote ...). You can also find the fastest growing accounts and research the reasons of their success.

I think you can use it as a starting point for discovering more makers that adapt to your preferences by filtering them on the topics they talk about, and it's also possible to extract some knowledge by looking at the fastest growing accounts.

Here are the main features so far (I'm working on more).

  • Discover
    5000+ makers along with their Twitter usernames, content they talk about and online projects.

  • Filter
    You can filter makers who talk in Twitter about: Programming, Frontend, NoCode, AI, Crypto, SaaS, Marketing, Ecom, #BuildInPublic, Remote (more filters coming soon)

  • Trending
    Quick Twitter growth usually means that the maker has achieved some amazing goal. Don't miss it and learn from it!

I hope this helps. If you have any question, please ask me :)

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