I've created a Twitter list of ~200 active Indie Hackers. Who do I miss?

Hey there!

I've been using Twitter a lot for the last weeks and I starting to build my own list of Indiehackers. I added all the active Indiehackers I spotted in my timeline.
I now have almost 200 names in it!

That gives me the motivation to create more and the opportunity to meet new people!

Here is the list: https://twitter.com/i/lists/1310994274272645123

Feel free to follow the list. If you want to get added too, just let me know by replying to this thread or send me a DM → http://twitter.com/angezanetti

    1. 1

      You are indeed :) Done

  1. 2

    Not IH active as I were before but still

    1. 1

      I think you were already in! Added

  2. 1

    a shameless plug for for myself

  3. 1

    I hope it's not too late to get added:

    1. 2

      It's never too late! Just added you

    1. 1

      You was already in!

    1. 2

      I jsut added you to the list!

  4. 1

    👩🏻‍💻 I'm bootstrapping and sharing my journey on Twitter too:


  5. 1

    A little late to the game. Following this list!


    1. 1

      Oh a felllow rails dev o/

      I jsut added you!

    1. 1

      Very nice profile! I added you to the list!

    1. 1

      Hey Ricardo, I just added you to the IH list!

  6. 1

    Also trying my best here with building in public and sharing UX tips :D twitter.com/jimzarkadas

    1. 1

      I just added you !

  7. 1

    I've just created a new twitter but going to be building public there so love to be added - @harryBLucas

    1. 1

      Buildinpublic for the win! (added)

  8. 1

    I just joined Indie Hacker a few days ago but been addicted :) Would love to be on that list!

  9. 1

    Believe I'm on a list there already, but have one myself that I've been adding to. https://twitter.com/FAfied32 Always happy to follow!

    1. 1

      Yep you was already in!

  10. 1

    I don't know if this qualifies.

    but I have this account that gives nodesign tool alerts and occasionaly use it for marketing to users.

    Let me know


    1. 1

      I prefer to add only personal account, do you have one? Ill be happy to add it

      1. 1

        Unfortunately no,...it's ok though best of luck...

  11. 1

    Nice list! Followed.

    I tweet about building my web apps and writing my first eBook (gum.co/startstrong) so feel free to ass me if that's useful: twitter.com/farez


    1. 1

      Hi Farez, you're in!

      (do you need to be premium to have a custom gumroad URL?)

      1. 1

        Thank you!

        I wasn’t aware of any premium option for Gumroad. The URl is just one of the options when you create your sales page.

  12. 1

    Hey, I would like to be more active on Twitter and engage with other Indie Hackers.


  13. 1

    @xavier King of the lists! But seriously, thanks for another helpful and interesting list.

    1. 1

      Ahaha yeah, next post will not be a list I promise :)

      Thanks for your support!

  14. 1

    Always looking to connect with more Indie Hackers!

  15. 1

    Missed me!
    New here and I'm becoming more active. 🙂

    1. 1

      Sure! I just added you 😄

  16. 1

    Great list. Appreciate if you can add me: https://twitter.com/dgut_

    1. 1

      You're profile is private, I can't add you :/

  17. 1


    1. 1

      I was following both of you, I just added you to the list!

      1. 1

        Followed you too now and the list :)

  18. 1

    Thanks Xavier for including me!! Appreciate it ;)

    1. 2

      I added you a few days ago!

    1. 1

      Ahaha ok, added you!

  19. 1

    Hello! I'm just starting off on IH and Twitter. I'm building www.techintern.io and launched last month!

    1. 2

      Twitter is an amazing platform to build an audience. Let me know if you need tips to get started

      1. 1

        Thanks for adding me!

        Right now, I was going to focus on forming a small circle of contacts by joining an accountability group here on IH, and then go from there.
        Anything else I should do to get started?

        1. 1

          Try to do the same on Twitter, follow people that inspire you, start interacting with them.
          Share an update a day, focus on your topic and keep going!

          1. 1

            Will do. Thanks for the advice!

  20. 1

    Thanks for this! Here is mine: https://twitter.com/josias, and my startup: https://twitter.com/pirsonal :-)

    1. 1

      I added your personal account, I try to include only people not brand com!

  21. 1

    You can add https://twitter.com/michaelaubry to the list. It's me, I am building an online video editor https://storycreatorapp.com and am doing around $3k MRR.

    I Tweet pretty often about behind the scenes things and share numbers from time to time. Would love for you to follow along I think my journey will offer some value.

    1. 2

      Pretty interesting Michael. Checked out storycreatorapp.com

      1. 1

        Nice, what are your thoughts?

    2. 1

      Nice Twitter profile indeed! Added you

  22. 1

    Not sure what the list is for, but you can also add me: https://twitter.com/XCSme

    1. 1

      You can follow it and see what happens in the IH world! I Added you

  23. 1

    👋 Hi Xavier, here is my handle https://twitter.com/wlsnbr. Followd the list.

  24. 1

    Hi Xavier, followed your list! Would love to be added! https://twitter.com/sxsio

    1. 1

      I think you're already in Stephen!

  25. 1

    Am I not active? Where's your timeline let me appear on that, haha.

      1. 1

        Thanks! Followed the list, awesome job!

  26. 1

    Me 🤷🤷https://twitter.com/upen946

    1. 1

      twitter.com/iamdinakar - this guy isn't there. Can he tweet himself to add?

    2. 1

      Woo 2k!

      Am I the only who miss a merge/import feature for twitter list?

      1. 1

        I've written a small twitter automation that keeps the list relevant and updated

        a "tweet to add yourself to twitter list" would be interesting too!
        Although, that would also make the list not so focused..

        1. 1

          I've written a small twitter automation that keeps the list relevant and updated

          You triggered me, I want more infos now :)

    3. 1

      Can I request to get added to your list too, please?


  27. 1

    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

  28. 1

    This comment was deleted 19 days ago.

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