Landing Page Feedback October 26, 2020

I've just built a landing page & need some feedback

Dominik Ilnicki @Ilnicki010

Hey, I'm currently building a SaaS that allows you to embed data from Google Sheets or Airtable on your website beautifully in no time.

I've just built a landing page and I need your feedback on the website as well as the project idea. Thank you in advance!

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    I would focus on explaining the value proposition instead of trying to make the site look beautiful.

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      Agree with you @orliesaurus, the first priority must be to provide user with a clear value proposition of your product and then emphasize on UI/UX.

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    Hey @Ilnicki010,

    Liked your idea as a NoCode Platform to create amazing websites with help of Google Sheets or Airtable data.

    As a UI designer, I think the landing page is still incomplete and you will be adding much more content to it. But there are few suggestions and issues I would like to highlight as a feedback for your website:

    1. Hero section image does not clearly provide your website's offering.
    2. For Use Cases section you can create sample one page websites for each use showing how it works and looks.
    3. Highlight more regarding the Predefined templates that you will be providing.
    4. You can add illustrations to How it works section for better user experience.
    5. No need of Example Section if you provide examples in use cases section
    6. The "orange / saffron" color is not accessible when used on a dark background.

    Regarding the 1st point that I mentioned, I have created a concept hero section based on your current design that can help your users to understand your site better.

    SheetsView Concept Hero Section

    Let me know what you think of the design concept.
    Waiting for seeing the complete project soon.


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      Hi Nitin, thank you soo much for your time! I don't have a lot of experience in designing landing pages that convert well so your advice is gold.

      I'll definitely give this site more love in a couple of next days and post updates here on IH and on my Twitter as well.

      btw. Finally, I decided to name it :)

      1. 1 makes more sense. Good name for the product.
        Good luck with your launch, let me know if you need any help with design.

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