I've lost interest in my business... sorta. 😕

Hey Indiehackers.

I have to talk to you. 😟

Over the past week, I have felt a need to branch out do new things like learning ReactJS, working on my UI/UX skills, and many others.

I'm currently working on my side project buildfaster.co a couple hours a week. However, I don't know if I should keep it this way and learn more things or invest more of my time into it.

Any advice would be super helpful. 😊

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    Nothing wrong with branching out IMO, or maybe even take a week of and just procrastinate. Watch Netflix or play games or whatever makes you super-relaxed but bored after a week.

    After this you may have the energy to pour back into the business.

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      Awesome! Love the plan.

      Thanks for your help :)

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    I would ask another question - how many users you have and how many of them are paid users? (or how many purchases you have ?)

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      I have about 50 users of my themes and 12 of them are from paid themes. The other ones got my free theme “Half-Half” but I earlier switched it back to $5.

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        So, maybe it's time to focus on selling not building?

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          Yep, that's what I'm going for.

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    Get out of the building :) How many people have you talked / pitched this to in the past week or so?

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      Just a few. But before that I did about 15 a week.

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        What were the responses?

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          They either said they weren’t looking for a redesign or said they would wait a month or so until they decide to get it.

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    Depends on what your ambissions are for buildfaster. Your web skills seem good enough, your site looks and runs well so I wouldn't invest time into those for the purpose of growing your company.
    Its important to find a sustainable way to work on your business since you're going to have to keep doing it for years if you want big results. Enjoying (part of) your work is important for that.

    I've seen you on here a lot lately so maybe its also a good time to just take a week off and see if you're more motivated when you get back.

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      Totally understand. Some other Indiehackers suggested that so I guess I'll take a short break 😎

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    Hey, Bryden.
    Keep hoing, man you have a nice business.

    I sent you a customer a couple of days ago, a fellow indie hacker.

    Anything, just reach out.

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      Thanks Mike. Really appreciate it.

      He isn’t responding back. Could you help?

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        You are very welcome. All i know is that he is an Indie Hacker too.

        Sorry mate.

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          Thanks :)

          Best of luck to you and ColorsAndFonts. Great work!

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    Hi Brayden 👋

    I feel the same way about my project iconsizer. For now I am taking a small "break" until this month of university ends. In that time I am learning about new things and not really thinking much about it. After that I'll be indie hacking again full force 😁

    I would suggest you take a small break too and try to learn something new. It may help you feel refreshed and motivated to work on buildfaster again 👍

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    Definitely get a break. While at it, you learn new skills and get new ideas, which might be useful to put back into the side project.

    What if one of the ideas is so great, that it is bigger than the current side hustle? If you don't take the break, you might never know :-)

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      Thanks for the advice! I’ll be sure to try it :)

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