I've spent 100+ hours digging the Creator Economy, here are the best resources 🔥

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    Did it really took 100+ hours to build this ?

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      It took hundreds of hours in this space to be able to build this in 30min. Curators are the new creators.

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    This is great work, thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for sharing that! I've been researching and writing for the creator economy in China market. I can tell there are more similarities than the difference between the East and the West. The obvious difference is mainland Chinese people don't have the habit to use email (so, newsletter business is not a big thing) since everyone uses the super-app WeChat to serve a similar function.

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      Oh awesome, I would love to read some of your writing. Where could I find them?

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        Thanks for your reply. I write a blog on my website https://www.camelliayang.com/blog My blog content is 70% Chinese and 30% English. I'll remember to send you the link once my Creator Economy in China piece done in English :)

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          That would be great, thanks 🙏

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    Allow us to Duplicate on Notion so I can refer back to it :)

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    thanks for sharing! cool list.

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    This is awesome @EliotC I'm working on a platform for creators right now. https://blur.social please take a look of you have the time

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      Will make sure to take a look and eventually add it to the list, thanks 💪

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    You dig the creator economy, i dig this 😎

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    Thanks! Great work!

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    This is great work, thanks for sharing!

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      My pleasure, hope it helped you! 💪

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    Here are a few resources I've worked on in the past that are run by others but are as important as ever:

    CreatorScape: Epic list of companies helping online creators make monetize and manage their business. Map of the industry as well.

    I'd also point out this list of 20 vc investors in the creator space here.

    Influence Weekly: Curated news on the Influencer Marketing industry.

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      Thanks, will make sure to add it to the list! You rock 🔥

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    Very good list, thanks.

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    Awesome list, thanks!!

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    Thanks, @EliotC.

    I would recommend adding Li Jin to the Twitter list!


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      Ahah, don't know how I forgot to add her on the list, thanks!

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    The creator economy is really interesting to me. I'll definitely read those articles and use those resources!

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