Landing Page Feedback March 25, 2019

Ivy productivity app landing page feedback

Tucker Schreiber @tuckerschreiber

Hi all,

I've had a good number of waitlist signups for what I'm working on but some feedback I received was that it wasn't detailed enough. So I added a new section to the page with more screenshots from the app.

Could you take a look and let me know what you think?


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    You're not saying anything about what makes your app different. Saying you're the best without saying what the secret sauce is doesn't tell the prospect why this is different from all the similar apps. What will it do for me that's different, why is it the last Todo app I'll even need?

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      This x100. That's a pretty boastful headline w/o any substance to back it up.

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    Nice to see Humaaans, love that library!

    Idk how it looked before but I think it's good now. I'd personally play a bit more with the headline (I can explain more if you want)

    "Everyone struggles with getting things done." maybe make the text a bit bigger.

    How about implementing a step-by-step of how Ivy works? Something along the lines of

    1. Problem
    2. Easy-sign-up
    3. Ivy's solution 1
    4. Ivy's solution 2?
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    1. First things first i will replace and
      with each other. I see "The last to-do list app you’ll ever need" text, but it's not in my focus of view. A lot of users will close page after the first scroll. Replacing trick give a lot of information about app itself at the first scroll.

    2. Text "Didn't get to something today? No problem, you can always bring it back later." a little bit blurry. You could replace it with just, "Unfinished tasks move to the next day"

    3. I noticed text under "The last to-do list app you’ll ever need" after 2-3 scrolls-up. And the only reason is i trying to give you a detail feedback. May be, you need to just cut it off.

    4. Great landing, by the way. I like colours and flow of the elements. Also, app name is simple, so i could easily remember it. May be, you could add social sharing at the bottom. To improve conversion rate

    And sorry, for my bad english :) i just trying to help your business