📊 Jason Fried-inspired walkthrough video for GoSquared Analytics. Would you sign up after watching this?

Here's the video: https://gosquared.wistia.com/medias/f198i31cab

This is not strictly a landing page – I just very quickly created a walkthrough video of our GoSquared Analytics product after being inspired by Jason Fried's AMA on Reddit last night. Someone asked:

What is your best tip for marketing a service / tool / website with little to no budget?

Jason's response:

Make an in-depth product walkthrough video. Make it long, tell a story, explain why what you're doing is different than what everyone else is doing (assuming that's true).
I did this video for HEY the day before we launched it. One take, 37 minutes, just me walking people through HEY. All of it. It didn't cost me anything to do, but it's probably sold more HEY subscriptions than anything else we've done. The novelty of it, the length, and the first-person low-tech "here, let me just show you the thing" is a big reason why.
If you haven't seen it, it's linked up on: https://www.hey.com/how-it-works/

I found this incredibly inspiring, so this morning, when I was on a Zoom call with Russell (one of our team!) I did a walkthrough for him as a practice. We recorded it, and in "Just Do It" fashion, cut the recording and put it up online.

I know this is very hacky, and uncomfortably not polished, but I thought I'd share it here as I would LOVE any feedback if people have time to share it.


P.S. Here's the full landing page if you're interested (lots we are changing here but still open to feedback on it too.)

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