Jeff started Amazon by Betting on a Fastest Growing Niche

I guess some of you bet bored of how big tech started, though I think this video is interesting. It must be in the late 90s, but the way Jeff Bezos find a niche and pick up the first 20 products is still pretty convincing.

(check out the video on the tweet)

  1. Intenet was growing 2300% a year
  2. Books was one of the best to sell online, and they have the most categories compare with others by far
  1. 2

    Yeah, for some reason, the whole "ride the wave" is definitely something I have not been giving enough credit to when selecting ideas to work on

    1. 1

      Absolutely, I've heard from many success founders mention about catching the wave. Though I think many of us are focusing on building our product, not just any product. So often, we missed the waves.

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