Beta Testing July 3, 2020

Jetlagged but still want to be useful, gonna be your QA for today

Jamal Mashal @jamalx31

After a 14h trip to Europe yesterday I'm so jetlagged and can't focus on my own work. So if you need someone to test your product/SaaS/App or whatever you are working on, post here, and I will try it out and find you bugs or give your general feedback.

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    Hey, awesome! Don't have people sticking with Portabella yet and I'm not sure why...

    If stuff is broken or could be improved I'd love to know

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      The landing page is nice, clean and delivers the value proposition.
      still the app itself UI is not that great and doesn't really match the screenshot on the landing page. the colors choice is not that great with Dark Mode and some elements are not even visible (tabs).

      In general, I think your value proposition is not enough, at least your target audience is very a tiny niche. I believe the majority of indie hackers / small teams will not be concerned about security, probably only big companies or teams working with super-sensitive information will be concerned about this and still they will not jump ships to use a new service without history.

      So I think you need to work more on the product-market fit. You may consider open-source the project, which may help you get attention from big companies. and then try COSS model to monetize it

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    Hey Jamal, I would love to get some feedback on GamePressKit.

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      Very nice landing page, even tho I'm not into the gaming industry but it was easy to understand what is the service.
      The press kit build seems like it's working perfectly, didn't notice any issues.
      Would be interested to know if you have any paying customers if not if you get gamers or game creators' feedback. In other words if you validated the idea

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    Hey Jamal! would you mind giving our Monitoring use case a try?
    I just added a demo video hoping it would improve the onboarding experience.

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      super cool website, love the robot. A lot of nice and thoughtful touches, like the email confirmation link to open Gmail and filter. just the link in the email shows a page with an error "Your email address could not be verified."

      The first screen after login and filling details is: "/account/subscription"
      was a bit confusing. I think it should be: "/workflows/new"
      All I care about at this point is to try the product and wasn't obvious that I needed to click on the website logo to see that page

      In general, I LOVE the product, easy to use and I see the potential in it! Great work

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        The email verification issue seems like a bug. I'll look into it tomorrow.

        The post-login screen should be /workflows/new. I'm suspecting you clicked on the quota meter before you finished signing up and that messed it up. I'm going to hide the quota meter during sign up so it doesn't happen to others.

        Thanks A LOT for the feedback Jamal! ❤️

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