Jiruto: Startup School meets Substack. Pro Community Tools.

Hey everyone

I wish to share my IndieHack project. I'm building for 6 months now: Jiruto.

The idea stemmed from my experience as a self-learner... most of the useful skills I have, I learned either online or from books.

When I learn, I need a bone to chase. I can tackle difficult stuff if there's a good project to apply it (I wasn't a programmer before this project. I learned Golang, JS, Python, containerization, GCP, AWS, high-level math [for ML/DL] and more), but I can get stuck on basic things if I have low interest (you'd think I'm dense if you saw some of my uni exams).

Self-learning gets me faster further and deeper than traditional learning institutions.

That said, I don't learn "alone".

I use the abundance of resources and communities available online when I learn. I use blogs, StackWhatever, subreddits, youtube videos, resource recommendations, and more. When I can, I even go on video sessions with people to discuss topics. I always valued communities and content creators in my learning.

But I didn't find any place where all these things come together. Most communities are scattered across media solutions or focus on one. A blog. A YouTube channel. A FB group. A forum. A Discord chat etc.

I always wanted to find a holistic community where I can enjoy engaging with others + get good content, maybe have an organized curriculum, and a place to find good projects.

I didn't find it. So I built it! Ergo, Jiruto was born.

Jiruto is an end-to-end, professional community management platform, that enables you to:

  • publish your content (blog + newsletter)
  • engage your community (forum + live sessions)
  • organize data (internal KANBAN! .. curriculums, links, tasks, projects)
  • monetize! (payments & subscriptions)
  • manage & collaborate (admins and helpers) and more...

In short: You can open your own SUS-esque environment + host a blog and a newsletter (hence the title), monetize and administrate it. All in one place, in an under-a-minute setup.

These are many of the things I wanted as a community member and many things community managers told me they're missing in other platforms.

I invite you to take a look and share your thoughts. It's currently free and early birds will enjoy the pro-deluxe-premium treatment.

Because of the soft spot in my heart for learning, educators and knowledge-oriented communities will enjoy the special-max-limited treatment as well.

Any ideas, pros and cons, will be greatly valued, heard, and considered. If you like the idea, join, influence, and help forge the best set of tools for you too.


Also, if you wish to help the cause, please contact me... I'm currently in a need of a kick*ss marketing person. One that loves communities and knows how to get the word around.

  1. 3

    Loved your reviews! :D

    1. 2

      I was touched by them as well 😄

  2. 2

    I've been waiting for something like this! I registered for the waiting list...

    One question though: we are a group of 4 people running our operation, can we all administrate the community?

    1. 1

      It's really good to hear, and thanks for registering! :)

      Sure, you can all collaborate on the administration of your community, and add others as well. You can add members to administrate just parts of you community, like the blog, or the forum.

  3. 2

    this is neat! when are you opening it up?

    and cool that you have twins... i'm a twin!

    1. 2

      Being a twin is a superpower 😎

      You can already join our beta. Is it relevant to you?

      1. 1

        i don't see any value that is 10X or 100X better. am i missing something?

        1. 2

          Are we still talking about being a twin?... 😅

          Assuming you're talking about Jiruto, I now see the context of your question. You have your own community platform.

          Seeing how you still publish on Substack, I built Jiruto so you'll be able to publish in the same place where you engage your community.

          The engagement tools are revolutionary as well, for example, you can ditch the zoom links for your workshops. Think of a space where members can see the all upcoming events and who's attending. Not only that, they can initiate group discussions themselves!

          Even if we can be considered competitors, I'll be more than glad to show you the features and brainstorm with you. We probably have a lot in common.

          1. 1

            so... substack +... "engage community"? what is that second part?


  4. 1

    I’m looking for a collection of creators’ platforms and I’m applying for a waiting list. I don’t know when you can use your platform. Maybe it can help this cause, as long as you don’t dislike

    1. 1

      Hey 🙂,
      Can you please elaborate? I didn’t fully understand.

      Btw you can already use the platform in our beta program if you wish.

      1. 1

        Where can I log in to the beta version, my email is [email protected]
        Already registered

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