Job application tracker app?

Im thinking about building a job hunting app. I've been through many (many) rounds of interviews in the tech space, and it is hard to keep track with just a spread sheet.

With the average tenure of people staying at companies about 18 months, I feel like there would always be a need. I'd track things like:
a) company applied for
b) recruiter information
c) company specs - size, funding rounds, etc
d) job role applied for
e) etc.

Does anyone else feel this way about job hunting and the interview process? That, as a candidate, it is hard to keep track of? Or does everyone just use spread sheets?

I'm trying to validate just how much of a problem this is and how it would best serve those always looking for jobs.

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    Last time I did this I had a spreadsheet tracking all the places I applied for. A lot of products start out a similar way and get productised. So it's not necessarily bad, but I wouldn't assume it's valuable without market validation. I might not pay for something if it's just replacing a spreadsheet I'm going to throw away once I no longer need it.

    One thing I did struggle with was tailoring each application to each company. If you could scale this you might have something.

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      Tailoring an application to each company seems tricky. That would require the app to have some knowledge of the company and the applicant, and screening out keywords and offering improvements? I'm not sure how that would work...But it is an interesting idea for sure!

      I have ideas on aggregating data, and making it a one stop shop for career research (lots of ideas on this) so the tool becomes more than just a temporary job tracker.

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    My team is building a solution in the HR Tech space and we've done a lot of market validation but mainly from the recruiter side of the equation.

    From our contacts with job-seekers it appears that they are more difficult to directly monetise so perhaps you could build a free app and monetise a mailing list. Your idea seems quite simple to build and test using no-code solutions. I'm not sure it needs to be in the form of an app though, I tend to avoid apps that I expect only to be of use for a very limited time (that's a sample size of one so do survey others before deciding which way to go)

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      I've thought about no-code, but haven't really looked into it in depth. I was thinking a free tier based on time use (1-3 weeks) but offering other tiers on prolonged use, (months/years).

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        Maybe a short 7-14 day free trial and then a one time fee to continue would be better. Do you really think people would need to subscribe to such a service for years? The median time to find a job in USA was 5 months as of May this year so there definitely could be a use case for your solution. https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/finding-a-job/how-long-does-it-take-to-find-a-job

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          Years? No. I guess what I meant was yearly. I am thinking this would be first focused on tech, then other types of jobs/roles/industries.

          The goal would be to build it out to a community, sharing tips/tricks, info on companies and recruiter contacts - that type of thing.

          That type of value is where a yearly membership might come into play.

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