"Job" is my side hustle

I've heard all the time you have to maintain your 9-to-5 job while also working on your side hustle. That didn't work for me, so I've did it the other way round.

On April I left my normal job and my things are my main activity now. In order to pay the bills (and to not touch my savings), I am still doing some consultancy for previous clients, from time to time, as a side hustle.

This is a game changer for me, as I don't spend the whole day in never ending meetings that completely drains my energy. Now I can focus 80% on my projects.

Of course I couldn't be doing this without previous savings, I wouldn't be relaxed. I'm much more happier now.

Have an epic week everyone! 🤜🤛

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    I always say this to everyone i speak - YOU DONT HAVE TO QUIT YOUR JOB!

    Btw, loved your title. Job should be actually looked as a side hustle.

    More power to you :)

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    You're not alone Ricardo 👋

    When I tried to make my project work on the side, I was often out of juice and energy. Also, I didn't really have the motivation to push it as a steady paycheck was coming every two weeks.

    I left my full time job to focus on it fully with my wife (she's my cofounder) a couple of years ago. She takes a couple of side gigs here and there until we reach profitability.

    For me it's the right balance of being able to focus on it fully while also not being without any income at all. It feels much better.

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      When I tried to make my project work on the side, I was often out of juice and energy.

      It was the same for me. Love your comment and the original post.

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      Super nice to hear that @dagorenouf, and a special acknowledgment to our loved ones for the support 😊

      Best of luck! 🤜🤛

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      Have a nice week Stefan! 🤜🤛

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    I feel the exact same way. Thanks for sharing your experience. Doing that as well now. :)

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      Thank you for sharing your comment Stefanie, have a wonderful week!

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    Do you have any advice for getting into the consulting game? Is it just find your niche and master it?

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      Hi @edjeffed!

      In my case my current clients are previous companies where I’ve been working in the past. They already know how I work and it’s really easy.

      I’ve tried in the past things like UpWork but didn’t really applied to anything, those gigs didn’t compensate in my case. I’ll give gun.io a try.

      Check this post, I’ve discovered gun.io there:

      Best of luck! 🤜🏻🤛🏻

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    Congrats Ricardo, what is your field concerning your consultancy ?

    The same way, I'm doing some web development freelancing (no-code/low-code) for SMEs, so I can make some K€ and keep going with my projects.

    The freelancing hustle allow me to survive, I'm not rich or poor, I live a sober life but the real richness of it is to be able to work on what I truly love to do.

    Take care ! 😄

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      Thanks for your comment Robin!

      I’m doing web performance, reliability and automation, which is basically what I’m enjoy the most about web development, so I’m quite happy right now 😊

      Overall I’m losing money vs. my previous jobs… but man, it’s what you’ve said, I feel much better now doing what I love.

      The nice thing is working also on my projects, eventually, it could lead to earning more money than any 9-5 job, and that motivation is bigger than when you have to work for another.

      Have a superb week! 🤜🏻🤛🏻

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