May 6, 2019

Join A Collective?

Andrew @wrannaman

Imagine a collective of people just like the ones in this community, focused on solving the same problem?

We could build it 10x faster

We could sell it 10x faster

Interested in exploring this concept with me?

You can comment here or join the slack channel. Look forward to some feedback

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    I have some interests, tell me more.

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      Sure, the idea is simple, together we could build and sell a product 10x faster than on our own. If we had 5, 10, 20 people focused on a single problem, that's powerful! But it doesn't have to stop at 20, it could be 2,000 people in the collective, or 2 million. We'd have the intellectual muscles of a Google. Almost any question you could ask would have someone in the collective that could help and is incentivized to do so.

      The medium article outlines things in a little more detail but the short of it is that it's super early and I'm looking to gather a few brave folks to jump in with me and figure a lot of this out along the way.