April 10, 2019

Join a Newsletter Mastermind

Andrew Kamphey @AndrewKamphey

3 of us have created a FB chat group that we share our experiences.

We've helped each other

  • Hire VAs (GenM)
  • Create additional revenue streams (BuyMeACoffee)
  • Increase Landing Page Conversions (Added logos of readers' companies)

Do you curate a newsletter? a side-project for your business? or a full-time gig?
Do you have at least 1k subscribers and 1 revenue stream from it?
Even if you had only 1 sponsor. come join us.

Comment or email me directly (in my profile)

    1. 1

      Awesome. Is your email newsletter for Referral Rock or a different project?

      1. 1

        It's "sponsored" by referral rock... https://referralrock.com/word-of-mouth-newsletter/

        We did it as a way to talk more about the market as a whole... since no one wants a newsletter JUST about referral marketing.

        1. 1

          Cool, looks monthly. Any plans to make it weekly?

          1. 1

            It's been about every 2 weeks except there was a fall off recently... one just went out this past week and it hasn't been added to the archive yet.

            Sort of experimenting with it, didn't want to over-commit to weekly. Happy to hear your thoughts.

            Do I pass? Can I join the FB chat instead of talking shop here? ;)

            1. 1

              Sure, love the hustle. email me and we'll get it set up, (in my profile) or find me yourself on Facebook.

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