May 7, 2019

Join a tech cooperative?

Andrew @wrannaman

I'm gathering some people interested in joining a tech cooperative whose mission is to increase member MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) by building world-class products, services, and experiences. Let me know if you're interested would love to see what this community thinks!

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    Sound wild. LEts say you have a project ready to work on. What are the first steps in terms of getting the project going? Are there many projects being worked on at once? Im just trying to visualize​ the process from idea to testable product. Are the​ member​s of the CoOpvolunteering​g to get the project to working/fundable as quick as possible. Thanks for sharing.

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      I think one project at a time to start with so members

      1. vote on a project
      2. build it
      3. sell it.

      It's definitely going to be much more of a slog than that especially for the first few but over time it should get more efficient! And over time I expect smaller groups to form to be able to work on multiple projects at the same time (sharing as much code, resources, etc as possible within the co-op).

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        Ok cool. I can see it happening​ now.

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    I like the idea of this, would love to see it work, not sure if the practical/legal boundaries would become too difficult. I've joined the slack out of curiosity at the moment!